:: WIWW & I should be in bed! ::

:: I should be in bed, really I should. It is 12:45 am -- I'm leaving tomorrow mid afternoon for the weekend, I have umpteen things to accomplish in a shy 2 hours while I only have one child in tow tomorrow morning, let alone the fact that my EVIL clock is set for 6 am to get my run on downstairs on our treadmill! ::

:: But I really wanted to join in on this weeks WIWW with Pleated Poppy --- I don't have photos, well, I have a few, but nothing really worthy of posting ::

:: See, I've been wearing my current favorite boots, these boots ::

:: I have seen multiple outfits worn by PP with these super cute boots, I then stalked down where she got them, and then wrecked my keyboard by drooling all over it. Just kidding ::

:: So, when we were in Arizona and I was shopping my face off, I found these $49.99 leather boots discounted for $34.99 then discounted again for $24.99. I declared to my Marm that I NEEEDDDDEEEDDD them. And found Mr. L to show him them. I wasn't looking for his opinion, I was just showing him what I was going to buy. He disagreed. He told me that he didn't think I should get them. I was {to say the least} disappointed, but respected his opinion ::

:: All through our trip I longed for these boots, I couldn't get them out of my mind, I LOVED them. So every Target we would drive by I would say "oh, we gotta go in and see if they have the boots!". Everyone moaned as Target stores are as frequent as Starbucks in Vancouver! ::

:: Finally, after the car show I ran to the Target store to have a look and see if the boots were there. They were, but they were priced at $34.99 not $24.99 so, sadly they stayed on the shelf! ::

:: It was the night before we left and there was one last Target we had not hit. I was determined to hit it up and see if we could find them. So, again, everyone entertained the crazy-boot-girl and came in with me. We all parted ways and I bee-lined it to the shoe section. I found a size 6. That won't fit my lovely monster of a size 9 flipper! But I was so disappointed as they were only $12.49!!!! Then the heavens opened {kidding, kinda} and there was a whole shwack of other sizes and one solo pair of size 9's with a $12.49 price tag on 'em ::

:: I ran to Paul and he said, well now that's better! And that was it, they were mine! ::

:: So here is the kicker, I was truly disappointed that {at the original $24.99 sale price} Mr. L didn't think they were worth it, however it wasn't worth me kicking up a fit and not respecting his opinion. I chose to leave them even though my heart r e a l l y wanted them and respect my husband instead. I prayed about it and left it with God. I feel that God respected me for my honor and respect for my husband and in turn got the boots for the best price possible. Isn't that great!??!! ::

:: Any way, now it's 1 am and I must hit the sack...Hopefully I'll get some actual shots of me in my new boots for next weeks WIWW! ::

:: Happy Friday Y'all! ::

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Anonymous said...

That's right Shawna, always honour & respect your husband no matter how small the situation and God will give you the desires of your heart...I had a similar experience over Christmas and God gave me exactly what I wanted and I didn't even buy it...my MIL surprised me with it and didnt' even know how bad I wanted it...lol...!
Love ya,

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