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It was a pretty spring day when we got to join Jacob's class on a field trip to the fire station. Since my boys are just over a year apart we have to find a balance of what activities we do with JJ's class and what activities we do with Cole's class...but this day we were with JJ's class and oh BOY was it exciting {for them ;)}! The boys were SO excited to be going on the bus for the first time - they thought it was pretty darn great! As did Max & Mr. Jason The big trucks pulled into the bay just as we entered the garage - Jacob was slightly shy about the trucks but Cole was all over it! My boys really enjoyed the demonstration {HA! note above photo!} -- but I do have to say when they didn't have their ears covered they actually learned a few really important things, one of them the number to call when there is an emergency and another "stop, drop & roll" -- both of these things have saved lives and them knowing about them while they are so young is fabulous! Cole was slightly depressed and upset with me when I said that he couldn't sit in the driver seat, the kind fireman said "oh, it's no problem - let him" my response was "you don't know my kid!" {if you know Cole in real life you know what I mean!} At any rate, I let him sit in the driver seat for a few mere seconds and this is what his face looked like when he was in the driver seat and he said "I'm in great control!" Bah ha ha -- sometimes he kills me with what he says! Here is Jacob's whole class in front of the engine -- Cole was at my feet, too shy for the photo. It was a great day and a bit crazy but what do you expect for two boys at the fire department ;)

We're off to school and to start a cake order today for the weekend - hope you have an awesome Thursday, can't believe it's Thursday already!?! Where does the week go???


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Crystal said...

hmm..I wonder what cake that is??:) Hope its going to well and not causing you to much grief! Thanks so much for doing it!!

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