: Today is Tuesday :

Today has been a crazy day -- started out with getting us all out of the house {on time!} then on to drop off at school for 9 am then right down to the states to do our bi-weekly gas fill up and grocery shop.
Cole lucked out and had a play date with Sophie from his class for lunch. After I returned from the States, dropped off an Anniversary card {Happy 8 years M&L} and then got lost trying to pick up Cole, it was 1 pm!

After that, we headed home had some outside play time then inside to do laundry, prep dinner, then tidy up and get the house "show ready" as we were having a showing here at 4:15pm. We got out of the house at 4:10 pm and drove down the road to wait for the 1/2 hour showing to be finished. They ended up not showing up until 4:50pm - grrr. So we didn't get back into the house until 5.30pm.

Now it is 6.40pm and everyone is fed, two are in the bath and it's still daylight...

Yesterday wasn't like today at all...I was a Mama on the town - it was a sister day. I love sister days and look forward to a few more this weekend as my sister from the Island is coming to visit with her 'lil girls. Oh joy!

More on sister day later, once I've caught my breath and the babies are sound asleep. Tonight we are home, it feels good to be home. Ahhhh!

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