: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Last week I had the opportunity to go out with three great girls, and we had a blast! We got to the restaurant at 7 and left as it was closing just after 11 - we had some serious catching up to do! My girlfriend Laura {she has a blog but is a slacker..maybe this will encourage you L?} I've known Laura forever! Ha! Well at least it seems like I have! Here is the brunette side of the table; Crystal & Jessi. Both of which have blogs that you should check out! I was introduced to both of these lovelies through Laura, see I told you we've been friends forever! We had some seriously good laughs {note photo above} -- oh my goodness, no lacking on strong women at this table! It was great to talk candidly about what we are all going through in our lives, what our experiences have been with family/friend situations and glean wisdom from one another. I am so blessed to celebrate life with these women, to depend on them for prayer during the hard times and to know that they are what true friends are made of!

Thanks C, J & L for simply being you!

So what/who do you love this Wednesday, let me know -- I'd love to hear :)


Laura said...

awww!! It WAS a fantastic evening - talk,talk, talk! :) I really enjoyed it, we must get together more often.
And I know, I'm a blog slacker... sorry!! I think about getting back into it... I do!
And yes, we've known each other for almost 18 years now... definitely forever! :)

Christy said...

Ummm....next time, I'm invited. And that's not a question, it's a statement.

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