: Easter 2012 :

 *Here I am, sorry for the delay, all has been well -- Busy but well*

We had a full full Easter weekend around here..being busy is not my specialty, I hate the feeling of the house un-done and not having everything organized and so over long weekends when we're running from place to place, making dishes, hosting events & creating our own memories sometimes it takes a long while to get back into the swing of life!  That's basically been our lives for the past month & a half {hence the lack of blogging} --- don't worry though, I'll get up to date soon!
 We prepared baskets for our little guys
 Hunted for special treasures left around the house
 Went to our friends place for another special hunt & dinner

 Enjoyed our very own {I've always wanted a magnolia tree and now we own one right in our front yard} magnolia blossoms and blue sky

And lastly the best shot of my little Easter boys.  We're so blessed to be able to worship with abandon especially at these special times of the year.  He has RISEN!! 



Anonymous said...

You're LOVELY!

Anonymous said...

Its Jen BTW...not sure why it doesn't show! 12 hours countdown..lol..

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