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Happy Friday Lovelies!!! I just have a few short minutes to post so this is going to be brief.  

On mother's day {which we actually celebrate on Saturday for me and Sunday for our Marm & Mum} I got a lovely surprise of a new phone.  My phone was dead, dying, almost gone and I had continually complained to the Mr. about how stupid my phone was acting.  He didn't seem to care.  

Does he not know that his families well-being was based off of me having a reliable working phone!?!?! {just kidding}

Anyway, on Friday night I was out at Walmart...Walmart has NO reception, so I told him I would text him when I was on my way home.  I tried to text; failed to go through, I tried to call; went straight to our carriers help line. What is happening here!!?!?  So frustrated I walked through the door choked that my dumb phone was again not working!  

I check my emails online, there is an email from Icloud {insert natural blond here} -- I say to him "what is Icloud" he says "I think it's a thing to do with the Iphone, what did you sign up for now!?!" I say "nothing!" then I think, think, think, oh yeah I may have signed up to win a new Ipad -- "there you go" he says, "now they think you're a customer and you're going to be on their mailing list getting junk emails all the time!" -- feeling sorry for my no phone self and dumb about falling for a "sign up and you'll win" scheme...I go to bed. 

In the morning he leaves the room to check on the boys in the play room and comes back to cuddle with me {this is typical of a Saturday morning} a few minutes later there was a quacking duck under my pillows..I look at him, he looks at me.  I'm like, "what's that" -- then I clue in...lifting the pillow to find a brand spanking new phone!  I was stunned!  I had asked for hanging baskets for mothers day...but a new phone will have to do ;)  

Here is the first photo I took with my new phone:
 Now comes the obsession with Instagram.  I don't really Facebook -- I'm a "liker" on Facebook, I scan it, I "like" other peoples status' and update my profile photo, that's about it!  I don't do twitter, I really only do my blog, well not anymore!!!  Instagram is the perfect outlet for me the one always capturing beauty or moments in photos.  I LOVE it! 

So here's a sampling of my Instagram this week:

* * * 

: Cole registering for Kindergarten, not so sure about this! :
: New necklace :
 : busy in the office :: wedding season :
 : Beckham :
 : eldest and youngest :
 : these three things I love :
 : spring beauty :
 : family en-route shot :
 : bloom :
 : rainy afternoon :
 : heading state side :
 : spring in bloom :
 : it's a love/hate thing :
 : top knot :
 : fresh free flowers :: LOVE :
 There we are, if you have an Instagram account and want to follow me I'm Shawnalad -- I'm off to get the biggest boy from school and then off for a date night tonight.  

Gonna be a great weekend filled with sunshine, gardening and hopefully some baking! 

Happy day Lovelies! 


bari said...

yay insta! im bhkart :) I just went from being an 8 year blackberry user to iphone last year and once I got used to having massive typos I started to love it.

Steph H. said...

That cake of yours is beautiful! I love the hens & chicks detail. My, you have talent!

Anonymous said...

Yay iPhone!!! You will love it! Before I got mine, I thought, do I really need it? Now, I'm completely dependent on it!! (probably to the point where it's bad, but whatev).

So your necklace picture - I'm glad that you said it was about the necklace otherwise I would have just thought "nice rack shot" - great cleavage by the way! :)

And I love the earrings! One day I will wear them again. For now, little hands like to grab at things.

Miss you.

Carmelle said...

Really enjoy this instagram post!

susan said...

*sadness* no more bbm-ing

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