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I had the greatest opportunity to join along with another church and attend a fabulous woman's conference.  It's an amazing conference that's committed to bringing you closer to the Father and in communion at His table.  

To be totally candid, I didn't want to go.  Multiple factors into why I didn't want to go but the main one was that I had been through the roughest blip in the radar of my life and this particular conference weekend was the 1 year anniversary of said "blip".  

But God had other plans.  Sure I could have been busy doing plenty of other things, but instead God had multiple friends contact me and say "I'm going, can't wait to see you".  These friends are the truest of sorts, they don't mince words, they know me.  The real me.  So I was candid with my feelings/emotions.  They felt my pain and all felt that it would be good for me to go. I was still undecided. 

Then Mr. L came home and I was dressed in my cake making attire {in efforts to get my work done so I could go to the conference I was rushing around like a crazy person!} which is yoga pants, a tee-shirt and covered head to toe in a mixture of white powders...he says "I thought you were going to the Life Women Conference?" -- Here's the thing, we didn't talk about it, it was on the calendar which he never looks at, so I knew that it was God and that He wanted me there.

I cleaned myself up and within 20 minutes I was running out the door,  I arrived within 5 minutes of the opening of the conference, I have fabulous friends who saved seats for me...I knew I was in for it, God had me here for a reason!  The tears came easy, which in itself is not normally me.  God had a plan all along. 
Pastor Helen Burns spoke on the first evening, she spoke of some amazingly deep profound places that she had been.  The Winter of her life and that there was a stirring in her and that she knew that Spring was coming -- This is exactly how I've been feeling in a winter so much so that my chalk board in my kitchen {even not realizing that I had chosen such a perfect quote until I returned and read it again after the conference} it says "No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow"
Now going back 5 months and thinking of my word of the year "Flourish" -- I honestly didn't know why God impressed that word on my heart but I went with it.  Now I know why He chose that word for me, I've been in a Winter and now it's time for my non fruit bearing limbs to produce fruit and flourish..profound, yes, shocking, yes.  Amazing, absolutely!
Anyway, every speaker I heard I felt their words deeply and like they were just for me.  The friends I sat with throughout the conference were aware of it too, I got nudges in the side saying "boy oh boy was this for you!".  I have never {in 6 years of attending the conference} purchased all the audio classes, but I did with this conference, that's how much it was for me.  
I can't say that I'm the same as I was before, I'm a work in progress -- but I like progress, I like constant, flowing waters. 

This was the song that was our song for the weekend.  It was amazing.  I can't sing this song without crying, it runs that deep. 
Here's to seeing what He has in store for the next 6 months of this year of flourish, the first 6 have been quite the ride! 

 Thank you to Relate church for giving us a place to gather for a greater cause, for His name and for weaving our hearts together...



Kristin said...

Amazing how God keeps us moving in His direction even when we don't feel it or think we want to. Glad you went and felt touched, ministered to, spoken to, cared for. That is such a blessing!

Christy said...

:D Love you!

Crystal said...

Growing pains are hard; but once you come out the otherside it will be amazing to see how God wants to use you next!

Joanne said...

So proud of the way you have worked through your pain, and chosen to look to Jesus for your answers...this is not the easy way, especially when you are quite capable within yourself. You continue to be a blessing to me as I watch you grow in the Lord.

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