:: Haircut for the Little Big Boy ::

:: Here is Jacob just before I cut his hair, I had given him a cookie to munch on while I did it but he just kept on giving me the cookie in trade for the clippers! ::
:: "Daddy can you get me out of this?" ::
:: "I'm almost done Dad, how do I look?" ::
:: "Now it's my turn to do some damage!" ::


Christy said...
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Christy said...

Sorry....stupid spelling mistake. We will try again. You are making me look terrible with all of your great blog postings. I actually think that mine MIGHT be growing cobwebbs at the moment. Thanks for the great post on the bikes! I love it.....as well as all your other recent ones. You've been one busy girl. And I can't believe it's Lisa's wedding already! We hope you guys have a blast and are doing well and send Lisa some island love!
XOXOX Christy

Canadian Kristin said...

Looking good, Jacob!!!

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