:: Juliet's Wedding ::

:: On Saturday Paul and I had the pleasure of attending Juliet & Paul's wedding ~ It was a beautiful day full of kisses, love & laughs::
:: Here is a picture prior to the ceremony ~ The ceremony was held at St. Johns of Shaunessy on Granville ::
:: Mary-Ellen, one of the bridesmaids and matchmaker, she introduced Juliet & Paul just over a year ago ::
:: Juliet just after she entered the ceremony with her father ::
:: She was just a little happy! ::
:: At the alter being given away by her father :::: Juliet & Paul just prior to saying their vows :::: Mr & Mrs Hiller! :::: Between the ceremony & reception they had a coffee & chocolate bar at the Bayshore, it was wonderful and a great way to make an hour go by! :::: My place setting :::: My cake that Paul's (Juliet's Paul) Mom made....it was raspberry & amazing! :::: Their "real" cake...the bottom two layers were actually wood and the top was real. The black around it is just a really thick peice of lace...what a great cake! ::
:: First dance :::: I snuck up to the head table while they were having their first dance to get this pic of their cake, her bouquet, place cards & crackers :::: By the time we returned to my parents place I realized that we hadn't taken a picture of us all day (so not like me!). So I got my mom to take a picture of us at 12:15 am...and it was a long process because I didn't like the way I looked in any of them! Anyway, this is what we looked like for the day...I matched the theme, black & white and polka-dots...Juliet was over the moon that I wore this dress to her wedding, she commented multiple times that I matched her theme! ::
:: Congratulations Paul & Juliet - Hope you are enjoying Mexico! ::


Lisa B. said...

Looks like an absolutely beautiful day. I'm so happy for Juliet - she deserves it!

Nice dress.....matching the wedding colors and all, why does that not surprise me?

Lisa B. said...

What did you do with the belt?

Shawna said...

Oh, the belt....well since I didn't live through the early 80's wearing this type of belt my Mom (who did) showed me how to do it up so that it doesn't come un-done...and the end is tucked in towards my stomache not out...brilliant!

Canadian Kristin said...

GORGEOUS.....the day, the decorations, the Blogger-extraordinaire!!!!!!!

I wanna get married again....to Shawn, of course....but I'd like to do the party again!!!!

Jamie Delaine said...

WOW! That cake is AMAZING. Seriously. I've read a lot of wedding magazines and seen a lot of cakes, but I loveee that one.

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