:: Lisa's Stagette ::

:: On Friday I hosted a stagette for my best girl Lisa who is getting married this Friday - we had a great time. Everyone came to my house for brunch and I had arranged to have a travelling spa come in and do treatments for everyone...It was so much fun! ::

:: The bride gettin her feet started! ::
:: The girls enjoying brunch along with good music, magazines & candy....what could be any better!?!?!? ::
:: Tiffany & Jess tried on their dresses for Lisa along with the sash, they looked amazing! ::
:: After the day of pampering at my place we headed to White Rock to the Washington Avenue Grill where we enjoyed dinner and gave Lisa her Honeymoon purse...you can just guess what treasures she found in it ;D :::: Leslie, Tiffany & Amy enjoying the food and the awesome view of White Rock :::: Lisa's Drink ~ Yummy! :::: Me, Lisa & Jessica (Lisa's SIL) :::: Lisa & Jess having some good laughs :::: After dinner we headed back to my place to watch "13 going on 30" (Lisa's pick) and have ice cream sundae's - They were delish! :::: They girls gettin' their sundae's prepared...apparently Tiff couldn't wait! ::


Jennifer said...

wow what a day!! that looks like so much fun!

Lisa B. said...

Once again...the hostess with the mostess.....I love that whatever you do you do with excellence!

I'm still waiting to hear if Spa Laderoute has any openings for September long....that travelling spa sounds devine :-)

Canadian Kristin said...

WOW.....things sure are so much more lively and beautiful and upbeat and fun than when I got married...and I'm not THAT old!
;-) LOVE the "honeymoon purse"....such a fun idea!

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