:: Lisa's Birthday Bash ::

:: Last Wednesday night I planned a little surprise for Lisa. B to celebrate her birthday ~ We met up at Red Robin's to celebrate with some monster ice cream pie and coffee it was a great night out with the girls! ::
:: Here are the flowers we gave to Lisa - From Flowers & Co...Gotta love 'em! :: :: Lisa & Amy - They don't look happy but really they were, they were just pulling attitude ;D ::
:: Rhonda & Jen ::
:: Our Ice Cream Pie ::
:: The Gals ~ There are actually 8 of us here because Amy, Jen & myself are all expecting. Amy is due 2 weeks before Jen & Jen is due 2 weeks before me ~ Crazy Huh!?!?! ::


Lisa B. said...

Thanks for a super fun girls nite. The flowers are beautiful and from my favourite flower shop, the dessert was delish (with a few fries on the side!) and you are my favourite girls!

love ya!

Canadian Kristin said...


Anonymous said...

So much fun and we all had a few good Laughs! So glad i was there! Thanks!

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