:: Christmas Re-Cap ::

:: This year was one of the busiest one's yet...I guess adding two kids to the mix will do that to you. We had our fair share of struggles this December so I am happy to wave good-bye to Christmas for yet another year ::
:: Making Gingerbread Houses with the Bakers (ours was a Starbucks Shak a la Paul) :::: Since my younger brother and wife live on the Island in Duncan we had our Christmas celebrations with them the weekend prior to Christmas downtown Vancouver - Mom & Dad hosted the whole weekend, we stayed at the Westin Grand (so nice!), went out for meals, watched movies, enjoyed shopping, drank Starbucks, played games and most of all enjoyed each other ~ Thanks Mom & Dad! :::: Christmas Eve was spent with Paul's family at the Laderoute's house where we enjoyed a great brunch followed by gathering around the tree and giving gifts, and lots of belly rubs on Jen's belly of course (baby expected at the end of January) - After that we went to Pauls sisters in-laws (got that?) and chit-chatted at their annual cocktail party at their house in Vancouver, it was a nice day and we were happy to be home earlier than 11:00! :::: Jacob got his first & only train set from us on Christmas. He slept in until 9:40am (Praise the Lord!). Since he slept in we did our gifts first which was really such a treat! We had planned since toy boxes are horrible to get into, to set up the train set and have it running when he came downstairs. His expression was priceless! He LOVED it! We didn't give him anything else as we knew he would get plenty of other toys from his Grandparents and Aunts & Uncles. And it was our best move yet as he is still so taken with his train set...He fills the water into the tank and turns it on and watches it go through the tunnel...so fun! :: :: As I previously stated, Paul and I had our own little gift opening time and cup of coffee together on Christmas morning. It was lovely to be with the one I love in a quiet home with a great cup of coffee. Of course we weren't alone as wee Baby Cole was in his swing but he was sleeping so we thought he could stay ;) ~ I got Paul three shirts, all of his skin care for the year, underwear, a belt, hat, chocolate and the boys made him a print of their feet in a shadow box. I got AG shampoo and conditioner, my favorite hairspray, Alfred Sung "Paradise" perfume, patton like gum boots & a beautiful jewelery case (it actually hangs on my wall). We were both so spoiled not only from each other but from our parents as well....thanks Mom & Dad McC and Mum & Dad Lad we are truly thankful for all of our gifts! I received a camera from my parents but I want to upgrade it and so I'm going to take my money from Paul's parents and put it into more of a professional camera (if I can ever decide on one!) ::
:: Our one tradition that we have in our family is sharing a panettone on Christmas morning...it's Italian sweet bread and is so good...thanks to Lisa K for buying me one from Trader Joe's for my birthday, it was delish and full of dried cranberries! Yum! ::


jamiedelaine said...

That picture of Bob with the blue hat is hilarious! He's such a gangster.

Lisa B. said...

What great traditions you have started with all your family. Looks like everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Nickie said...

I love the Westin Grand!! Their beds are SO comfortable!!!

So glad that you had such a lovely Christmas.

PS - I finally updated my blog. Get a cup of coffee because there is a lot to read :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Sounds like a wonderful and MERRY Christmas, just as it should be!!!

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