:: We've Decided ::

:: Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog regarding the area rug for our living room. I had an overwhelming response that number 2 was the perfect rug for us, so you will be surprised when we chose number 1 instead! Why, you ask. Well I like it better. Okay that's not really it...I do actually like it better, it feels better, does what I want it to do in the room (lay flat on the floor) and doesn't pull too much attention to itself. However Paul still really liked the other one. So, once we had the furniture arranged we tried each rug out and both decided that this one was truly our favorite :: :: I do understand that by 'designers' rules it should be a bit bigger, but this is all we have to work with budget wise and since we are limited to Homesense this is all they have to offer size wise. Plus, we don't need to cover up the floor as it's brand new ~ We just wanted to warm the room up a bit ::

:: So if anyone is looking for a super cute beige and cream area rug we are returning the rejected one to Homesense in Langley tomorrow ::
:: Thanks again for all of your input ~ it's so fun to have some of my readers interacting with me ::


Rachel said...

It looks great!!

Jennifer and Michael said...

YEAH!! You picked the one I liked! It looks so good how you've arranged everything. I love it! Very stylish decor - who cares if it's not large as it pulls together each item in your room! Loverly.

Laura said...

Well I'd have to say that I agreed with your reasons for liking each of the rugs, but seeing the larger pictures with everything put together, I as well think this one is the right choice - it warms without distracting from your beautiful room - looks fantastic!

Canadian Kristin said...

Love the rug, love the room! Looks so warm and wonderful in there....must come over to see it in person really soon! ;-)

Keri's Collage... said...

For the record, this was my choice for you :)

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