:: Advent ::

:: Everyone has different things to celebrate ADVENT and this year for me I have been thinking quite a bit more about what advent means to me and my family ::

:: Since my babes are still quite small and don't really "get" what advent is all about {for instance when I asked Jacob where his advent was he went to our nativity scene...or maybe he really does get what advent IS all about!??!}. So I have been thinking about what traditions we can start surrounding the count-down to Christmas and the day we set aside and celebrate our Saviors birth ::

:: What are your idea's for advent, did you do anything great growing up, did you have a calendar that your mom made and filled with treats? Did you have a story that you read up until Christmas day? ::

:: What I was thinking of doing {along with the cute traditional countdown chocolate calendar} is taking out one piece of our nativity until Christmas day when we place Jesus in the manger ::

:: Let me know your thoughts! ::

:: Oh, and it's snowing here...it's absolutely beautiful, 'tis the season and I love it! ::


Dustin and Chelsey said...

I think that is such an amazing idea. It's so important to keep Christ at the centre of Christmas, right from a young age. Good for you for taking the initiative. LoVE the idea!

jamiedelaine said...

SHAWNA!!! Ahh!! I wish I could see the snow! Take pictures for me! I can't wait to see it all when I get home on Sunday. Why did it have to snow THIS week while I was away?

Amanda said...

I love your Nativity idea! Another post in the works again! You have so many great ideas and are getting me in the mood! AND the snow sure helps too! Love it!

Coby Jordan said...

Hi Shawna, MJ's mom always has done that...take Jesus out until Christmas morning...great idea!

Kristin said...

This may sound weird....but we don't do anything Advent-ish. I mean, I buy those cheap choclate calendars and about day 16 the kids sit down and eat them all at once (at my encouragement) just to get it done.
When K was about 4 I had made felt envelopes to put Christmas books in, one envelope each day... by the time Christmas came K was so "done" with openning a gift that the actual Christmas had lost some of the meaning.
So at our house we spend lots of time integrating Christmas talk and Nativity talk and Spirit of Christmas talk into our regular routine. I find that this keeps us in the spirit of the season, threads Christ throughout our Christmas, but also keeps the kids inspired and anticipating rather than bogged down in one more 'thing' to do each day.

It may seem very anti-Christmas, to not have an Advent tradition, but for us, it actually, happily, inspires MORE Christmas into our lead-up to the actual day!

:-) Weird, I know!

Crystal said...

Advent is such an interesting topic that I honestly hadn't put much thought into. Thanks for making me think though of traditions I want to start with my family in the future:) The one thing that we do at our church, and I am sure many other churches do Is the lighting of the candles. so every sunday(the four before christmas) we have a scripture reading and a lighting of a candle. I think it would be neat to bring the advent wreath into the home and light the candle every sunday in December at a meal:)Even though your boys might not understand the story yet, you could always do a fun christmasy thing like bake cookies or make a decoration, or something to get them to think about it:) Anyways, just some thoughts because you got me thinking..so thanks:)

jacker said...

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