:: Christmas 2008 House Tour ::

:: Thank you to all who entered my Christmas 2008 Home Tour, it's been so much fun! If you are still waiting to deck the halls a little more, please feel free to email me once you have your post up, I will just keep this running...now next I need to take you on a tour through my home! ::

:: I will also be posting some of my favorite photo's from your blog, so come back to see what photo of yours is featured! ::

* * *

:: Okay, here are all of my blog friends that were able to join me in "Christmas House Tour 2008". I hope you enjoy touring through their warm homes filled with beautiful decorations, but most of all decorated with love ::

:: Amanda ::

:: Carrie ::

:: Charlene ::

:: Christy ::

:: Mom ::

:: Nadine ::

:: Nickie ::

:: Sarah ::

:: Steph ::

:: Ps. I'll be posting my home later on tonight, so if you still have a warm drink in hand, come back to see my tour ::

:: Also, if you didn't get a chance to enter your home into my tour, please feel free to submit your home/post once you finish it and I'll keep this post open and add them when I get them in ::

:: Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas! ::

:: E N J O Y ::


Char said...

I posted this evening too, take a look. Merry Christmas!

Nickie said...

Thanks for posting this Shawna! So fun to see everyone's decorations.

Lisa said...

Just took a peak at the everyone's houses and now I want to post too! Unfortunately after being gone for 10 days and getting home last night our place isn't quite up for a photo shoot. Was sooo hoping for a snow day today to get re-organzized but I am here at school... posting on blogger! (The student I teach this block is in Costa Rica! REALLY!) Will see what I can do tonight!

Ben and Kare said...

Hello lovely Shawna!! What a fantastic idea! I wish I was more organized, and I could have taken some photos of how the Aussies decorate for Christmas...its pretty different!! All the ladies are so excited about your night tonight at church, I wish I was around for one of the Women's evenings...they sound like so much fun!! BLESS YOU and your gorgeous family this Christmas, hope to run into you guys at some point!! MUCH MUCH LOVE, xx Karalee

FunkyMomma said...

OK I am one day late, but I got mine up!!

Cathy said...

My house is not blog worthy yet LOL! Everybody else!! Wow!

LOVE your homes!

sticker said...

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