:: Your Invitation ::

:: I don't know about you guys, but I just LOVE Christmas {for obvious reasons!} and along with all of the noble reasons for celebrating Christmas, I love re-decorating for Christmas and I delight in seeing how other people decorate and the ideas they have ::

:: So I invite you to share with us your home and hold and open house via the internet ::

:: Here's how it works, you take pictures and blog about your home and the little details that makes your home more homey for the most important holiday & if you include a cute crafty thing you did or a deal you got you get brownie points! ::

:: So, once you have blogged your home you can email me at paulandshawna@telus.net with your blog address and I will post all of the homes in our "Open House Tour" on Wednesday evening, you can then sit back with a cup of hot something-or-other and enjoy a Christmas Home tour without leaving your home! How fun is that! ::

:: So if you read my blog but have yet to leave a comment and have a blog of your own...come on people let's tour through our homes together, I KNOW you're as nosy as I am! ::

:: Can't wait to see and share with all of you! ::

* * *

:: Note: The cut off time is 4:00 pm on Wednesday the 17th of December ::


Christy said...

For sure count me in! And thanks again for calling today...miss you guys and can't wait to see you next week!

FunkyMomma said...

This sounds like a fun idea! I hope to join in, if I can get some time!

The Samy's said...

I would love to join in but my IPhoto is still not working =( I will try hard to see what I can do! Great idea Shawna!

Amanda said...

I will do this too. I'll have to take some pics tomorrow. I didn't go elaborate this year as I was busy with Makena but I'll post something! So count me in!

Laura said...

Oh shoot, I just read this now! And I work until 4:30... so I will enjoy seeing your pics and will just have to post mine to my blog - when I actually get around to taking some that is! Good idea Shawna!

Rachel said...

I do not have the flair for decorating so I think I'll just enjoy all of contributors homes instead!

Joanne said...

A bit late, hope you can add me....but glad to be back on the blog....loved seeing everyone elses gorgeous homes!

turningoveranewleaf said...

i'm a bit late too, but loved the idea and finally got it posted! hope you can add me to the list when you get a chance.
love all the different decor :)

alerts said...

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