:: Kitchen Scale ::

:: Take a look at this beauty ::
:: This was my Christmas gift from the boys this year ::

:: Funny thing about this gift is I actually bought it for myself on a trip to Lynden WA with my Mom back in November while looking for plates for my plate wall...I couldn't justify buying it "just because", so I bought it and gave it to Paul and told him to bring it out at Christmas and put it under the Christmas tree. He did and I was delighted that the boys bought me such a perfect gift {insert laugh here}! ::

:: Wasn't that nice of them, um, er, me? ::


Christy said...

That's so great...look fabby in your kitchen!

Rachel said...

I'm sure he was thrilled that you did his Christmas shopping for him :)

The Samy's said...

Well at least you know that you are not going to be returning it! I am sure the boys were so excited to give it to you as well!

Laura said...

Sounds like how my family shops for presents!! haha. The scale is awesome, very "Shawna" :) Good job boys! ;)

Shawna said...

Yes, I'm sure he was delighted that he didn't have to shop for me and that he knew that I would LOVE what I bought for myself ;)

googler said...

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