:: Christmas 2008 ::

:: We had a great, jam packed filled holiday we went non-stop from the 17th through to the 27th, it was fabulous but exhausting all at the same time! ::

:: We enjoyed doing our Gingerbread decorating night with the Bakers, however WE decorated, the houses not the kids - I think we were all too tired to entertain the kids helping out, so we saved bringing out the kits until the kids were fast asleep. It was a great plan and we had fun doing it...hopefully next year the kids will be old enough to really get in on the action! ::

:: We hosted our annual Friends Christmas Party as our friends that usually host it were too busy with their 1 day old baby, Chase. We had a great time with our friends from the bible study that Paul and I met at, we are an ever expanding group with quite a few babies now and we have managed to couple up a few of our singles so hopefully we'll be enjoying a few weddings this year! ::

:: We got up bright and early on Christmas day to start the day off with stockings and gifts, just the four of us. It was great to enjoy seeing the boys "ooohhhh" and "ahhh" over their gifts no matter how small they were. This time was truly coveted and we were blessed to have it ::

:: We experienced quite the snowfall here this Christmas it made for a very brutal drive but so beautiful if you were stuck inside {the top left picture is taken on Christmas
Eve from Jacob's bedroom window} ::

:: We packed up Christmas at our house and headed out to Paul's Parents Place for Christmas morning brunch. We had a great time enjoying family time, great food and gifts, lots and lots of gifts! I can't wait until there are 4 little babes running around {Paul's sister is due with her second babe in May 2009} ::

:: Since the snow had just fallen we decided to hit the local park and do some sledding, it was crazy to trek through the snow to the hill, but so much fun! Jacob loved it but Cole, not so much! He cried every time someone went down the hill! ::

:: Mid afternoon we headed to My Parent's Place for dinner. We again had a great time catching up with my brothers and their wives as well as my niece Denay. The dinner was a amazing and we enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts. My poor boys were pooped from the long day, but they did so good and were knocked right out by the time we were heading home! ::

:: We also enjoyed a game night with Jamie & her family as well as the Baker Clan..we had a great night playing pictionary but the boys won, have they not learned anything!?!?! It was a rough way to start 2009 boys! Hopefully you've learned ;) ::

:: That's about it for Christmas posts around here, however I am going to post some of my loot from Christmas, I know there is more to the season than gifts, but oooohhh, you should see my boots!!! Okay, so for the goods stay tuned, maybe not today though, I've got laundry to fold, chili to make and I also need to get ready to go on a date with my Paul to the United States for the afternoon/evening! So now that I wrote all that out, I probably won't be back until tomorrow! Have a great day y'all, we're expecting more snow again, I love it! ::


jamiedelaine said...

Fancy collages! I love it!! Gorgeous photos. I love that one of the fam where Cole is all wrapped up in white! :)

Laura said...

What a fantastic holiday you and your family had! Beautiful photos too :)

Amanda said...

Loved seeing all your pictures and reading about your festivities! Missed having our annual Boxing Day with the McC's....I guess the times have changed and you all have a new one......no hard feelings! haha!

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