:: Meatloaf Anyone? ::

:: I grew up in a home that didn't know meatloaf {right mom?} at least if we had meatloaf I don't remember it! ::

:: I can actually say that I didn't even know what was in meatloaf until maybe 3 or 4 years ago ::

:: Until now, my girlfriend introduced me to this recipe {to switch it up you could also try one of these} last Winter and I have held on to it and used it on nights like last night where I didn't feel like doing anything, let alone making dinner! ::

:: But within a few short minutes {like 10} I had rice in the rice cooker, organic corn and peas ready to be cooked & mini meatloaves in the oven baking away...making our home smell like all the comforts of home ::

:: When Paul walked in the door at 6:20pm he was surprised to smell the lovely aroma that filled our walls. You see I had called him at 5:00pm asking him what he felt like for dinner "he responded, well I don't have time to think about that, I'm at work" HA! A lot of help he is! He should have said, "well take the night off Shawna and I'll pick up a Pizza from Costco", but he didn't. So I needed inspiration as I was feeling less than inspired. So I opened my cupboard door to find a box of stuffing, voila, dinner = done ::

:: Boys bathed and one boy fed and in bed, this is what we sat down to for dinner ::

:: Not bad for 10 minutes and maybe $10 worth of food {the boys had fresh bread and butter with their meal as well}, but I didn't have time to take a picture of that as they were already well into eating ::

:: Oh, FYI ::

:: The recipe says to put the mixture into 8 baking cups but I don't know who has an 8 cup cupcake pan, so I split it into 12 cups, and they are ample serving sizes, also I bake mine for 40 minutes instead of 30, I love that they get a crunchy bottom instead of soft ::

:: And just so you know if you don't go here to find recipes on those night where you are like me and less than inspired to cook...you should, you can enter in your ingredients and they'll give you a few recipes that meet your criteria ::

:: Oh and keep your eyes peeled for the stuffing on sale, before Thanksgiving & Christmas they usually come on sale @ Superstore and Extra foods for a mere $0.97 - now I don't know about you but that makes one cheap meal! ::

:: Happy Cooking {most of the time!} ::


Meg Baxter said...

I can't believe you never had meatloaf as a kid! Isn't McClelland a British name?

The key to meatloaf, I've always thought, was KETCHUP, KETCHUP, KETCHUP! But I'd like to try this version. I bet they freeze well and make for great high-protein snacks, no???

Kraft Canada makes life so much easier - and I don't even have kids yet. :)

FunkyMomma said...

i am going to try this one! WOW! My meatloaf receipe is pretty easy, it jut has to cook for an hour and a half! OI! That's soooo long!

susan said...

My hubby loves meatloaf & I like that this takes less time than my normal "loaf". However, last time I made yorkshire puddings I threw out my cupcake pans because I didn't want to clean them...isn't that horrible? It was time for them to go anyways but it still seems slightly wasteful.

Joanne said...

I LOVE your meatloaf....meatcups!! And Yes, we did have meatloaf...I recall serving it in a heartshaped pan on Valentine's Day when you were just wee.

PS...You must explain your chared looking rice!

Jason and Kristin said...

yum that looks good. I will have to try it! Thanks!

Shawna said...

Yeah, I know I should have eaten my fair share of it, but it was not a staple in our home at all!

I like that this one doesn't have a lot of ketchup, ketchup isn't the best for us so I try to limit the boys to a little as possible.

Sarah, I love that this is a "oh my, what am I going to make" kinda dish - hope it works for you and your family too.

Suz, go to Superstore and invest in a $12.00 cupcake pan (or 2) they are PC and come with covers so when you make cupcakes for the kids classes or parties, they can just stay in the pan, put the cover over it, lock it and you're good to go...so worth it! My boys have yet to figure out how to get into them! And the pans are super high quality pans, so they are totally worth the moola!

Marm, I don't remember that, I do remember the heart shaped meals but not the meatloaf...and as for the black rice, it's called forbidden rice and it's amazing, I got it in my stocking from my parents my Mom ordered it in from California...it's delish, now I just need to find a local supplier!

Hope ya'll enjoy it when you try it!
xo, *S

Lisa B. said...

Love this recipe...I always get rave reviews when I serve it. My father-in-law even asks for it when he visits - so you know it's good!!!

susan said...

Shawna, wish I had read your response to me earlier...I picked up a couple at Home Outfitters, just because I was in the area. I'll remember Superstore next time I throw them out. :-)

sticker said...

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