:: While you're waiting ::

:: Like you have nothing more to do then wait for my blog post to come {ah, ha ha ha}! ::

:: Okay, so anyway, I read multiple {like 300} and one of my favorites is by Nester, her blog is called Nesting Place and I love her sense of style. She wrote a post about enjoying your home and I love love love what she said, it really spoke to me {on the deep level that home decor can only do!} and I thought I should share it with y'all ::

:: Hope you enjoyed her post as much as I did and if you do stop by and read it, tell her so...we all love comments! ::

:: Now go read it & enjoy your home! ::


jamiedelaine said...

300!! WOMAN!! That's ridiculous. I follow about 70 and can barely keep up.

The Samy's said...

I agree with Jamie...300 is insane!
I love this post, and I also love making over a house and am looking forward to it when I am at home with the little one and not working a 8-5 job!

intelligence said...

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