:: I didn't do that! ::

:: Today I was in my local grocery store - around lunch time...this is a true story that happened in my world ::

:: My sons and I were running some errands around lunch time at our local grocery store, I love this store because it's small, same prices as the big box store - but less busy, except when the local high school is out for lunch, then it's a crazy place! ::

:: So my sons and I were perusing the aisles with all the young-uns {half of them that were feet taller than me}, and there was this "Guy" that kept on creeping around the girls, going in and out of the aisles, his eyes following the girls around...now I am known to overreact when a situation seems abnormal, what can I say - I come by it honestly, policing is in my blood! He was wearing a tuque, had a Celtic tattoo on his right forearm and was just SO creepy looking. So while he's preoccupied with the teenagers, I was preoccupied with him; being a Creep! ::

:: I was so ready to talk to management about him, until I stumbled across him in another aisle, and he was alone. So I gathered my gum shin and walked right up to him and said "you better stop it" --- yeah, I did. He said "what are you talking about?", I responded "I've seen you checking out those girls, they are half your age, if you don't buy your food and get out of here {he had a basket full of junk food}, I will call management and they'll have you removed!". Yeah, I did ::

:: He proceeds to whisper to me "I'm store security, I'm hired to blend in to ensure the students don't steal". Okay, I was so relieved {sort of} I still thought he was being too loooky with his eyes, but he was doing a job, not being a super creep...he was being paid to be a creep. I laughed so hard when that happened, only I would have the thought to walk up to a full grown man and tell him my mind on his grocery store etiquette! ::

:: Oh, I SO didn't do that! But, what I do know is that I can tell when somethings not right and something wasn't right! One day I might help someone that is really in trouble...maybe, one day! ::

:: For now I'm stalking the local grocery stores security guy, nice Shawna, very nice! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Y'all! ::


jamiedelaine said...

Hahahah oh Shawna. Too funny.

Kristin Erickson said...

Always trust your gut, Girlfriend! Last week I took a 10 minute loop on a gut instinct, and wouldn't you know it: that 4 years old kid WAS wandering the busy street by himself! I truly believe our instinct is God's voice in our ear... maybe that security guard possibly needed a reminder to keep his focus on his job!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Ghandi, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

Stumbled on your blog a long time ago and have been an avid reader since. Have always wanted to leave a comment but... I guess I'm too shy. BUT this entry needed a comment. I applaud you for what you did. I think all of us need to be vigilant especially in the area of safety and protection. Thank you again.


Rachel said...

Good for you Shawna! I would have never been so brave.

Anonymous said...

Oh shawna - thanks for the great laugh. I read it to Grant and we both roared!!
Only you, darling, only you....

SheenaConverse said...

This is the funniest thing ever! I love it!
I giggled sooo hard!

Cathy said...

Shawna! I just love you!! You are awesome.

Happy Tuesday!

Sarah said...

That was a great story! Thanks for the chuckle!

Nadine said...

Oh Shawna, that is so funny!! Sounds like something I would of done. haha

Shawna said...

Glad y'all joined me in thinking that my story was pretty funny - I chuckled my whole afternoon away thinking about what kind of story that security guard was going to send around the grocery store with the other employees!

Ps. thanks for leaving a comment!

Lisa said...

You crack me up! Makes me think of that time at Earls in Edmonton - we thought FOR sure that guy sitting next to us was a food critic - frantically writing notes on the poor service - Ha! Anyways... e-mail me!

Nadine said...

That's awesome! Good for you for going with your gut feeling. Those security people always look a little creepy! HA! I guess they are just doing their job.

Thanks for the laugh.

Laura said...

Love it! For some reason, I can totally see you doing this :) It probably made for a good story for him too!
I'm also curious about this grocery store... which one is it? Especially since I'll be living in your neck of the woods soon! You can tell me on Saturday if we remember! :)

Lisa B. said...

You are hilarious! A true testimony to being the daughter of a police man!

Maybe when you're retired you can become a PI or store security ;-)

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