:: Shutterfly Photo Book Deal ::

:: I just couldn't resist passing on this "FREE" photo book from shutterfly...it's such a great deal! ::

:: I have a shutterfly account and I have ordered cards and stuff from them before and they have always turned out very well, the free book only comes from a family tree facebook page here - or you can go here to see the original blogger that wrote about it. Apparently once you enter the promo code you've got until November 15th to make your book and all you have to pay is the shipping! Such a great deal! ::

:: Here's to almost free Christmas gifts! ::

:: If the Shutterfly one doesn't work for you - try out this free book here ::


Nadine said...

Thanks Shawna! I have already set it up. We've been looking at doing a photo book for a while, now I will get on it! Great Christmas idea!

Have a lovely Wednesday!!

Jessi said...

That's awesome, I just went to my account, copied the promo code, and walah!!! You're right Nadine, perfect Christmas present, now to decide who it goes to, that is the question!!!

Trista Cooper said...

Thanks for the great idea, Shawna! I have already set it up too!

susan said...

Wow, I wish I had more luck - I can't access it at all. I "refreshed" probably 50 (million) times (like the original blog post said) and no ad for it, wonder if it's because I'm in Alberta.
Oh well...great idea though and I LOVE practically free stuff!

susan said...

I would like to add though that I am considering going to "The Vancouver Art Institute" maybe taking a South African Safari that's 30% off and attending a free "Transform You Life" workshop!
These ads are amazing!!!!!

Lisa B. said...

Whoo hoot! Thanks for the tip, I got my code...after a zillion refreshes of my screen :-)

Can't wait to whip up a book...I'm thinking one of our trip to NYC this summer!

Anonymous said...

Any idea if you have to have a facebook account to take advantage of this offer?

Shawna said...

Anonymous: I don't believe that you need to have a FB account to access this add - as I received my promo code when I wasn't logged onto my FB account.

Hope this helps! Glad y'all have gotten in on the promo...and don't forget to check out the other link I put at the bottom of the page - you could get TWO free photobooks if you do both of them!

SheenaConverse said...

I found this link and it has really good instructions if you weren't able to find the add.


I entered it and am so excited for my book!!! I love shutterfly!


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