:: Luxe - Special just for YOU ::

:: Hey Lovelies -- I just have a minute here but I couldn't wait any longer to post this fun and fabulous deal for YOU! ::

:: When I was at the One of a Kind show in Vancouver I stopped by the Luxe Design booth and visited with the owner Joanne {so great to see you again Joanne!} -- I oogled over their new designs and decided that I need a different chain for my personalized Luxe necklace, what girl doesn't need two chains for one necklace!??! ::

:: Anyway {here's the goods} while I was chatting with Joanne, she said that I could post a special promo code for y'all...now isn't that nice of her! So here's the deal, enter this code: OOAKV10 when you place your order on their {new & updated} site and that's it, you will get 10% off your order!!! ::

:: Now isn't that fabulous!?!?! Now if you are wanting this for Christmas, Joanne told me that they have a new wish list area on the new site as well, so make it easy for your hubbies this year, and just sit him down to the computer and say order this. What's that saying... a happy wife = a happy life?!?!? ::

:: Hope y'all love their stuff -- I am constantly getting compliments on mine, it's definitely a piece that I treasure! ::


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I wanted to order something for a gift and even better to get a deal!

susan said...

ARE YOU READING MY MIND? Okay, really weird but the other day I went onto their site, took a look around & kind of created a necklace that I'd like.
Next step I guess is to share this site with my hubby. *wink*
Having a discount is a beautiful thing - thanks for sharing with us.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Oooh I want one! Put together a lil something I like but I think I'll be enjoying it from the computer screen for now :) No Christmas/birthday gifts for us this year - Thailand here we come

Laura said...

Ooooh, thanks!! I think this is what I'd like for a "push present" ;) I've given Josh the website to look at!
Think the deal will hold over 'til then? I'll add a charm with Baby's name/initial later :)

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