: What I LOVE Wednesday :

I know, I know...two posts in one day -- the one about The Queen's Speech was a freebee ;)

So here ya go, my Wednesday list of LOVES --- I've actually had this all set up ready to publish for the past month but didn't have time to do the finishing touches...Enjoy and please share with me if you have any thing you LOVE too ;)

Cucina kitchen
I LOVE this stuff, it's perfect hand soap for the kitchen - the feeling and smell is delish! I strongly dislike the smell of sweet soap so Cucina from fruits&passion
perfectly fits the bill :)
Bobble water bottle
My SIL got this in her stocking from me - it makes the perfect little gift for those who drink water in your life {ha ha - really, who doesn't drink water!?!}. Anyway, the bottle is a great ergonomic shape with a built in water filter. I found the one for my SIL at a local grocery store in town for a stellar price! No more flats of purified water!!!
TRESemme Hair spray
Found this super great hairspray when I was out of town this past month - I needed some spray and didn't want to spend a fortune! My SIL {my other SIL} encouraged me to try the cheapo TRESEmme and I fell in LOVE!!! I think it rang up for $4.39 @ Walmart and I am still using it! Super deal!
Honey Bee Tees
Fell deep in love with the simplistic designs of these tees from another blogger...and finally the boys got one as a gift for Christmas from G&G -- they love them and so does this Mama!
Sprig Toys
We've had Sprig toys for quite a while, but I just have to share! My boys are super hard on their toys and these toys last the test of time ~ they are made with recycled products and are super fabulous! If you keep your eyes peeled you can find them for a steal @ Winners
Divine Twine
I had seen this twine on another bloggers blog {sorry, don't know who's!} and fell in LOVE with it, I knew I needed it for my Christmas wrapping! I found some online, but then I happened to call Essential Packaging and found it there for the exact same price as online, less the shipping!!! Score! Thanks Essential Packaging!
That's it for today lovelies!!! Hope you're still enjoying the rest of the holiday and getting things accomplished. I'm off to re-organize my closet; it's a bit of a schmozel!

I'm also hoping since Mr. L is home I can get some drapes hung in our family room {fingers crossed}!

Oh, and are you starting to think of your word of the year; I've started to --haven't got a clue as to what God is laying on my heart for 2012 so I can't wait till He helps me find a new direction for the New Year! *


Anonymous said...

I am going to try that hairspray too! I think both of my sisters use it! And I LOVE the twine!! Going to use it with my packaging in yellow and white! I saw it at Essential Packaging earlier this year!! SCORE!!

I like those water bottles too! Where are they from?

Shawna said...

@Cathy: Love the yellow or gray twine for your brand --- it's beautiful! And the water bottle is from SuperStore ;)

Maguiresaunt said...

Take it from someone who keeps the hairspray industry afloat...TRESEmme is the best "not from the salon" hairspray out there! It's cheapest at WM in Bellingham...$3.33 a can, compared to at least a dollar more everywhere else. :o)

Can you get replacement filters for the water bottles?

Shawna said...

@Maguiresaunt: why they heck did you keep this hairspray secret to yourself, you hairspray guru! And yes, you can find replacement filters for the bobble - also at SuperStore :) --- Happy New Year!

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