: Lazy Days :

We've been having lazy days at home for the last few days -- evenings we have been out {far too late for these parents; we're talking 1 am+} and last night we had a "date in" -- ever done this before; put the kids to bed, enjoyed a evening not thinking about the house {literally left the freshly folded laundry on the stairs} and just doing things you enjoy together in your house; it was fabulous and so lovely!

We're gearing up for another busy weekend and a few nights out and a few nights hosting in so I'm making hay while the sun shines; organizing/cleaning; decorating and unpacking the last few boxes that have yet to be touched from the move.

But I'm going to enjoy making some cookies with my littles today - saw these on pinterest via homemakinggirl and thought they would be the perfect no bake kinda cookie to make with my boys. Gonna replace some of the sugar with honey - 2 cups of white sugar is a bit too much for me - but I love that there are oats in them...we'll see how my swap in the recipe works ;)

Have a lovely Thursday lovelies -- I'm so thankful for the past week of being home and not having to drive anyone anywhere...bliss!!!


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