: Merry Christmas :

We've had a wonderful few days celebrating Christmas from the Christmas Eve service at church {followed by driving by some lovely lit homes, dinner from a drive-through (ha!), talking about Jesus' birth, watching Charlie Brown Christmas, reading "twas the night before Christmas}Hide all

Then on to both our parent's homes on Christmas day and returning home well into boxing day...we've had a wonderful Christmas and today we're still enjoying the magic of Christmas -- the tree is still trimmed and smelling wonderful, Mr. L is still off work, boxes of goodies spread throughout the house, vanilla candles burning; it's all still so wonderfully, delightfully enjoyable! Quality time spent as a family can never be replaced! And it's noon and we're all still in our pj's :)

We ALL got spoiled, the gifts have been overwhelming - we are so blessed and count it one of our greatest blessings to live in Canada, we don't know how good we have it!

Well, going to get back to my family here, but I just wanted to officially wish you a Merry Christmas, I hope you're taking a moment to take in all that this glorious season means to you!

Oh, and Meg...you asked how I keep my house so clean, stylish & white...If it was me I would have an all white home, but I live with Mr. L and he likes colour. I find that white is one of the easiest thing to keep clean..everything is washable!

And my house isn't always tidy, of course I took those photos when there was less junk spread about, but truly I hate clutter so I have to like to put things away c o n s t a n t l y. I am continually tucking things into there proper places; from mail to bills to dishes etc. it doesn't really ever end.

One thing that I swear by is a play room...we have one {it's upstairs in this house} and the boys have to keep their toys in it. However if they want to bring some toys in the family room {like in this post}, that is okay bu the rule is only one toy per boy. They get it and typically it's a toy that they play with non-stop. The wood trains set was in our family room for 3 days until it was cleaned up on Christmas Eve. And I'm okay with that...I find that when they are only able to play with one toy they play better. I also take 15 minutes per day to do a quick clean up, doesn't get everything taken care of but generally the house is clean and tidy and I don't get overwhelmed. So there ya go, hope that helps ;)

But we're just like everybody else, this is currently what our family room looks like....

Have a great day --- I'll be back with a photo re-cap and some of my favorite gifts I got ;)

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Meg Baxter said...

Ha! Nice to know your living room looks like mine sometimes, too. I also have to remember both my kids are under 2, so it's a bit of a lifestyle difference. :)

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