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I'm home again today with both boys. Jacob napped for 2 hours yesterday and still slept for 12 hours straight last night. Cole on the other hand was up and down 8 times. Mr. L slept like a newborn baby!

I felt both boys still needed another day to rest before we got back into the school groove, but I'm pretty sure they are almost back to normal...still a little cuddly which means they are not quite normal, but I'll take the cuddles any day!

Today I finally broke down and made cookies with them {they had been asking for weeks!}, what's a sick day with Mama if you can't bake cookies together!?!?

Anyway, onto the *MOVIE REVIEW* of "Something Borrowed"

I know I know, I'm a little behind - this movie has been out for well, almost a year...I know I live under a rock, it's true!

So, it was originally a book. I read the book {warning: a little on the racy side} I loved the book -- it was an easy read and I literally read it in 24 hours. But if you know me you know I love to read and almost always have one or two books on the go.
The movie didn't dissapoint either. All the actors were great and played really realistic roles. I could identify with all of them in one way or another.
Here is my top 10 favorites about this movie:
*it's placed in NYC & the Hamptons
*love the Salt&Pepper dance sequence - so fun!
*the girl on the park bench when Marcus is talking to Rachel is reading the book called "something blue" it's the sequel to "something borrowed"
*I love the Lands End tote Rachel has
*Men with deep set eyes and low eyebrows are naturally attractive to me
*I enjoy the fresh looking make-up that Rachel wears
*I wish I could wear lace shorts like Darcy
*I love the thought of a beach house on a beach like that
*I love that they stuck to the book {almost!}
*I really love that at the very end of the credits {which I didn't realize until I watched it a second time} that there is a "...to be continued" sign ~ oh yeah!
I R E A L L Y love movies that are based in the Hamptons or just close to a large body of water, all of my favorite movies are based close to water --- I wonder what that says about me...maybe I need to be moving closer to a large body of water! HA!

That's it for today Lovelies! I've got a few things {like organizing my closet} that need to get done...nothing fun, but must be done!

Have a great Tuesday evening!


ashlee said...

fun little tidbit...the girl on the park bench reading the next book in the series is the author (emily giffin) making a cameo appearance :)

love your blog btw!

Shawna said...

Ashlee -- such a fun tidbit,thanks for sharing!

oh, and do you have a blog? If so I'd love to snoop ;) XoXo*S

natasha said...

i have all emily giffin's other books (except for the latest) if you ever want to borrow! all very good (stressful, but good!). the second one - something blue - is the exact same story as something borrowed, told from her best friend's perspective. really good. :)

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