: Friday ramblings...:

This week like any other has just flown by and I can't say I really have anything tangible to show for it.

I know that I have a had a stirring in my heart on a few different levels and that feels good. I've started writing a sequel to my "rite of passage" post from a few days ago. It's always interesting when God ministers to my heart from my own posts - HA!
* * *
I'm constantly taking pictures {typically with my phone & typically I'll send them to Mr. L to stay in touch through the day}, so here are my photos from the last few days {Wednesday afternoon on} sometimes I find that my photos say much more than I could...

I'm continually thankful for the provision God gives to my and my little family. Today I'm overwhelmed by His grace and mercy and thankful that He sacrificed everything for me..to say that I'm not worthy of this gift would be a huge understatement, but I'm aware of the gift He gave and ever thankful.

Have a wonderful afternoon Lovelies and a great weekend, might be back over the weekend with some of my thoughts, in the meantime check out Jenn's blog post today -- she's got some great tid-bits to share!


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