: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Well here we are back at mid point in the week -- I've got a small spattering of things I'm in love with so without further adieu here they are:

I found this site as I was stumbling through the internet the other day, and oh my goodness they have beautiful {specific} paper products, I'm a sucker for paper products; stationary, boxes, cup&lids I love it all and Garnish has a beautiful assortment of treasures. Can't wait to have to order them for an event some day!
The Vintage Sisters
Vintage Sisters has been around for almost a year now, they are two local sisters who love to craft and have decided to make it a little side business...I saw some of their work first hand at one of my friends places the other day and let me tell you it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Looking forward to ordering my first item from them very soon!
Royal Design Studio
I'm looking for something to jazz up our master suite and I stumbled across RDS -- I love their stencils -- I think the one below is the one I would pick for our room and I would probably use it {more tone on tone} in our laundry room as well. Check them out, the options are endless!
Yogurt Parfait
I'm a huge lover of mason jars and when I found this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to make it for Mr. L -- often times he doesn't have {or make time} to eat breakfast, but this quick and easy {& healthy} meal to go is just perfect! Another reason to LOVE Pinterest -- Pinterest Mr. L loves you too...Proof is here
I'm off to get ready for ladies missions night tonight which is bound to be lots of fun, women, God, faith, make-up & dessert...really, could it get any better!?!? ;)

Have a beautiful Wednesday night lovelies!



Char said...

I used Garnish for Miss P's ice cream containers for her birthday - they have AH-Mayzing things....

Kori's House said...

Love the walls! I've been trying to convince Roger to paint that pattern on the wall in my kitchen for the past month... thanks for the link to the site!

Shawna said...

@Char: good to know! there may be a few events I can help in planning that I will find reason to use them ;)

@Kori: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes this...Let me know if you get it and if it's easy. We're on hold from doing any renovations till we get someone in our suite =-- but as soon as I get the cash and time I'm going to do it!!!

Thanks for the blog love Lovelies! Xo*S

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