: Weekend Recap :

This weekend was a full one {what weekend isn't really!?!?} -- it was great to have lots of girl time and a good spattering of family time in there as well!

I wasn't around here on Friday as I was preparing a cake for the beautiful Sonia. It was her Canadian wedding shower and her absolutely darling MIL planned a beautiful tea along with one of my cakes. Simply stated, elegant and a little sassy; just like her DIL Sonia. Here is the cake:
Friday night after taking a break from cake making I went to join in celebrating these two lovely peoples..Laura a childhood friend had her second baby, little brother to Kenzie; Levi. Isn't he scrumptious!?!!
The details were perfect! Here is Jessi and the super host Lisa {Laura's older sister} Loved this little frame; gotta find out where Lisa got it!
Such a darling little guy! Congratulations Josh, Laura & Kenzie!
We took some time on the FREEZING cold Saturday afternoon to go fly a kite...it was supposed to be this dreamy family time of flying the kite. In between trying to get the kite up in the killer wind, with the temperature of that wind being less than dreamy, with three out of four of us having no clue how to fly a kite...it wasn't exactly the most delightful family time.
This is the picture I took just before I took the reigns and smoothly and effortlessly smashed Tigger into a nearby cherry blossom tree and got him stuck real good. The Mr. was NOT impressed with my talent in getting Tigger stuck.

Tigger was rescued on Sunday after church and a small fight with the cherry blossom tree. No children or wives were harmed in this lovely family outing ;)
Sunday night we headed out to my parents for my brothers birthday. We had a nice roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Here is my brother and his wife Lindsey {she due to have a baby boy in early April}
This was that shot I took just as I said smile...couldn't help but post such a delightful & happy shot! Happy Birthday JORD! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be one of your best years yet ;)
I wasn't on here on Friday but I didn't for get my "52 weeks of blessing" for last week...this is what it was: Small kitchen candle in Pineapple Mango in the colour of the year "Tangerine Tango" -- don't remember how much it was but it wasn't expensive and I just added the cost into my grocery bill so that it wouldn't be an expense on top of my regular shopping.

Card is made up of a paint chip I picked up while walking past a paint shop on my way to the post office..so cute, no?

{Also I have yet to deliver it as Friday I had a change of plans -- but I will do it before this Friday and the next blessing}
Hope you all had a great weekend, our weekend ended with Jacob waking us up at 5 am by puking on our floor and me ushering him towards the washroom stepping in it and well, you know how that goes.

But the sun is out, both my boys are down for naps after a bowl of chicken noodle soup {thanks Cambell's!} and I'm off to do a load or two of puke laundry -- the joys of being a Mama are really endless, no!?!?

Have a great one Lovelies in whatever season you are in, remember the small things are what count the most!


Meg Baxter said...

hahaha love the look Lindsey is giving him in that shot. Classic.

Stephanie Jean said...

beautiful cake Shawna!!

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