:: Euro Pro II ::

:: *Edited to Say* ::

:: So last night Paul and I were thumbing through our local fliers looking for deals & coupons {I'm a coupon clipper} ~ and I came across this in our local Canadian Tire flier ::

:: I
squealed when I saw it as just a few days ago I had seen it on a fellow bloggers site "Thrifty Decor Chick" and thought, now that's what I need, just a little machine to fix the busted open pillow, make a few new pillows, stitch a few cute dresses for my nieces, the list could go on ::

:: Now I do have access to my Moms mammoth sewing machine, but it doesn't like me - see I can never feed the thread or figure out how it is supposed to go and I just end up getting mad at it and it takes so
stinkin' long to just do one straight line of stitching! ::

:: I must say the reviews on this little machine are mixed - apparently you either love it, or hate it! But I'm willing to take the chance. So I asked Paul if he would get it for me for Mother's Day - I know it's only $30 {*NOT $30 but $20!!!!*} but I don't expect to purchase $30 items often and since he just purchased these completely
impractical shoes for me {on a whim - for no reason} ::

:: So, hang tight - once Mother's day comes around and I get my new Euro Pro II - I'll be sure to write up an official review of my own! ::

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