:: Make-up Update ::

:: Okay girls, I know this has been a long time coming, really long, but I wanted to give you an update on what conclusion I came to with regards to mineral foundation and what I found to give me the dewy & fresh complexion, when really I'm feeling FAR from being fresh! ::

:: If you didn't read the last post regarding my questions about mineral foundation and why I was on this "quest" of sorts, you can read about it here ::

:: So I set out to our local Shoppers Drug Mart with a friend - cause I wasn't going to go and look like a complete dumbo when it came to make-up by myself ::

:: I asked about mineral make-up, specifically looking for something that was going to give me that luminous look I was going for ::

:: She pointed me directly to SMASHBOX - And my oh my - they are fabulous products at a a little too fabulous a price {for me at least!} ::

:: I truly loved the SMASHBOX products, but was not prepared to spend $80+ dollars finding my inner luminosity! ::

:: So we spend a good hour trying out all the drug store brands, Covergirl, Revlon, Maxfactor, Loreal etc. we find some great little products in the mineral category, but they continue to just look "cakey" on my face...so we continue talking to a few of their ever-so-helpful Shoppers staff members and I come to this conclusion regarding mineral make-up ::

:: If you have naturally dry skin, mineral make-up {foundation} is not for you - you need to have oily or more oily than dry skin to really get the full benefits of mineral make-up ::

:: See I don't have oily skin, if anything I have dry skin, so this was not an option for me ::

:: After we have successfully tried every sample of mineral make-up in the store, I finally concede to telling the lovely make-up expert what I'm specifically looking for & she suggests that I start of with a primer {what the heck is that!} ::

:: Here is what it is officially {from the Shoppers site} "TOTAL PERFECTION FACE PRIMER Create the perfect canvas for foundation application. This formula fills in fine lines and pores to help skin appear visibly softer with a smooth finish." - so there you go & yes, it does just that! I bought the QUO {Shoppers own brand} for $15.00 and it's worth every penny! I just love it! ::

:: I then decided that I probably do need some sort of foundation to even out my skin tone, so again, I found the QUO products to be exactly what I needed ::

:: Here is the foundation I bought {again for $15.00} and here is the description right from their site "MINERAL SHEER TINTS This ultra light moisturizer is packed with sun protection and just enough color to even skin tone. The light, hydrating formula is ideal for all skin types and comes in natural, easy to blend shades. Application is a cinch, leaving you with a perfect glowing finish every time. With a hint of tint to even out skin tone, sheer moisture to ensure a soft natural glow and non-chemical SPF 20 sun protection to defy the elements." ::

:: Now I'm totally one of those people that loves to buy "no name" aka non-branded products - and to me I would say that QUO is one of those products, however I am SO pleased with their line of products. They definitely keep the line small and specific, which works wonderfully for me! ::

:: Now last but not least I was recommended to get my true luminosity on to use the "shimmer block" by QUO - here's what the site says about it "SHIMMER BLOCK Suitable for all skin types, this universal bronzer blends four skin brightening shades together to achieve the perfect hue."
:: However that was another $15 and when I got home I just couldn't justify it, so I returned it the next day ::

:: Then the other day when I was shopping at Wal-Mart in the USA I found this for all of $3.96 :::: One other little tid-bit of information that you may find relevant is that Revlon "colorstay" products are made by the same manufacturer as MAC and basically the same make-up as MAC ~ Well that would explain why I love my under eye concealer so much, it's amazing! ::
:: So there ya go, thanks for all of your input and suggestions - I really appreciate it and hope that all of this information is helpful to you too & if in doubt head to Shoppers and talk to one of the friendly make-up gals yourself, they are a wealth of information! ::

:: Oh yeah and just so you know; as far as the information that the girl @ Shoppers gave me, is that ALL make-up has minerals in it, just some have a more concentrated amount and thus can be called specifically "mineral" but it's just a fancy-schmancy new way of re-selling products that have already been on the shelf for years! ::


Shawna Blog fan said...

Hi Shawna!
Thanks for posting your thoughts on make up. I am still a learner (well I am still clueless and have yet to figure out how to put on eye liner..the list goes on) and trying to find the right product with the right $ is so hard especially, if you rarely wear make up. I too have dry skin but trying to find the right colour is so hard when you have slightly tanned skin (it is either extremely fair or too dark). I some how got hooked to Benefit products (shoppers sells it too). I love the Benetint but it is a bit pricey. I found out that Bath and Body had a similar product on sale (thanks to you) so I made a trip out there and got it for only $3. Will let you know how that works out. Over all take a look at Benefit they do have some awesome deals (mini on the go packs etc). Shoppers does not have too much stuff but check out Sephora's.
As for tips on sheers (making your own without spending alot) and natural looks ..look up Carmindy (make up artist from "What not to wear") http://carmindy.com/ her books are available at the local library. Read the "5-minute face".

Laura said...

I'm glad you found things you love and that work for you! Thanks for the tip about Revlon Colourstay and MAC! Definitely good to know - will save me some $$! :)

Kristin said...

Hmmmmmmm......Don't Go To The Make-Up Counter WITHTOUT SHAWNA is my new make-up mantra! Thanks for all the great info, girlie! I did just see a show comparing men's lines of face creams and such (Shopping Bags, I think) and they all loved the Shopper's brand best, too! Interesting!!!!!!

Meg Baxter said...

I just picked up the face primer last night and it makes my face feel like silk! Love it. I also bought Quo's illuminating concealer for under my eyes - works like a charm. It's hard to find concealer sticks that don't have yellow undertones for my pink, British skin, so this super light tone was a real blessing. :oS

I also saw a good makeup tip on Jay Manuel's show "Style Her Famous" (http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/shows/styleherfamous/index.jsp) the other day to help achieve a dewy, less caked-on look for foundation: before applying, spritz your face with water from a spray bottle. I tried it and not only did it even out my foundation application, it really set my foundation and it didn't move or melt ALL DAY!

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