:: Product Review ::

:: Okay gals, I promise this is the last post for the day -- I'm off to do some celebrating and run some errands, but I wanted to post this for y'all to see ::

:: The other day I was in our local JYSK {junk you shouldn't keep} and I found this on sale from $14.99 to $9.99 ::

:: I had eyed this up the last time I was browsing through JYSK but I had decided that it wasn't quite worth the $15 price tag ::

:: So when it went on sale I couldn't resist it! It's perfect for quite a few things like, transporting misc. items to friends houses {like dessert, salad etc.}, obviously grabbing a few groceries or produce from the local fruit stand. Plus the extra bonus is you don't have to remember to bring you re-usable shopping bags...you just pop your products back into the basket and go ::

:: My basket has a zip top so that if I don't want a certain someone to get into it I can hide it and it also has a hard bottom so my dessert I took to a friends place last weekend stayed level ::

:: Seriously, this is such a great invention! Just as long as I remember to take it when I go to the store! Ha!!! ::

:: Ps. my basket is black but they also have them in Kelly Green and Navy Blue - I was so tempted to get the Kelly Green, but I decided to stick with the black. Oh and it also folds up flat for storage - seriously, go get one you won't regret it! ::


Nadine said...

I have it and LOVE IT!!! It's not exactly this one, but very close with a single handle and in purple. My sister picked it up somewhere, I'm thinking Winners perhaps.

Great buy!!

Our little Pumpkin Seed said...

I have one as well, it's black and white and love it. I got it at Home Sense!

Shawna said...

Geez - you guys totally one-uped me ;)

Way to be on the ball!
xo, *S

Laura said...

Ohhh, thanks for the tip! Would definitely come in handy with bringing food to functions, and leftovers back home! Gotta love the leftovers moms give to hungry sons :)

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