:: Invite for YOU! ::

:: UPDATE - Date Change ::

:: Okay, so we all meet up on this place we call 'Blog-Land' - So I've decided that we should all meet...with a purpose...to enjoy a SPA night! ::

:: If you are a blogger and you want to meet other bloggers who you have yet to meet in the flesh, this is for YOU! ::

:: Blogger Open House ::
:: Where: My Place ::
:: Date: March 23
rd {MONDAY} ::
:: 7:30 pm ::

:: I'm wanting to re-launch my SPA line {BeautiControl} so what better girls to do that with than you?!?! ::

:: I'll have SPA stations for you to try out, prizes to be won and some sweet refreshments ::

:: If you're nervous about coming by yourself, bring a friend...come on, it'll be fun! ::

:: Can't wait to meet y'all in person! ::

{PS. if there isn't a great response - I will re-schedule it; so email me (on my side bar) and let me know if you want to come and if that date doesn't work for you, what date would}

{PPS. if you read my blog but aren't a 'blogger' you're more than welcome to come too, we just might convince you to start blogging!}

XO :: Shawna


Kristin said...

Doh. We're away til the 20th. Sorry, I would love a night out, though I can't gaurantee I'd be brave enough to spa it! ;-)

susan said...

You know I'd be there if I could!!

Ben and Kare said...

I sure wish I could come for a girly night and your 'sweets', Shawna! Perhaps one day we will be closer in distance. Even so, I often wish that I could order your beautiful cakes and cupcakes from this side of the world...still haven't found the perfect place yet! xx

Jason and Kristin said...

Sorry Shawna! I won't be able to make it!

Sarah said...

I have another party that night. Sorry chickie!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

So you sell BC? How great! I used to be a Unit Manager with them. Their products are really great - I still am active and am really considering linking them to my blog to make a little extra cash (let alone share their great products with people) - how could we live without them!

Nickie said...

Would love to come but I'm on night shift! BOO! Maybe next time. Have fun!

Laura said...

Sorry Shawna, I can't make it that night! Hopefully next time... have fun! :)

Shawna said...

Hey Girls -- I changed the date to Monday the 23rd....respond again and let me know if that's better for you...Thank!
xo, *S

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