:: Happy Birthday Grampy - Love, the Boys! ::

{ Ps. look what I can do Grampy...I can put my brother in a headlock, see you taught my Uncle Jordie to do that, and he did that to me one day and rubbed his knuckles across my head and look how quick I learned! Now I do that to my little brother, and my Mama doesn't even mind, she just takes pictures and pretends I'm being nice! }
:: See Exhibit A - Brother doesn't really like it, but Mama is still just taking a picture ::
:: See Exhibit B - If the headlock doesn't work, just like you said Grampy you can just sit on 'em, right Grampy, you said that, didn'tcha?!?! ::

:: Well, even if you didn't Happy Birthday anyway! ::


Crystal said...

love this post!

Laura said...

So CUTE! Jacob's face in pic #2 is priceless :) Happy Birthday to Bob!

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