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:: Most of my girlfriends know that I can't help getting a good deal, and one of the places I hit when I go down to Bellingham is Big Lots - It's a place that buys extra lots of products from bigger stores that have bought too much to sell. So we save on their products because they buy them for such a good deal. Most of the time I get our hair products from there (except the boys are bought from Dollar Tree in Bellingham), plus our 'oxi clean', clothes detergent, snacks, cereal, tooth brushes, and any other random items that I find are a real good price! ::

:: Well, if it's not a good enough deal to get name brand items for 45% (average) off the regular retail price, Big Lots has a coupon out until the end of January - the only catch is you have to become a member of the "Buzz Club". The coupon is for 20% off your total order - Now that's a coupon! ::

:: Find the coupon here ::

:: Here is the link to the weekly flyer as well --- I think we're going to make an emergency (ha!) trip to Bellingham sometime this weekend....now if Hobby Lobby could just come to Bellingham, we'd be set! ::


Cathy said...

OK! I have to shop with you!!

Lisa B. said...

What a GREAT reason for a trip down to the USA....aside from the fact my gas tank almost needs a fill up!

Thanks - super shopper!

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