:: Fly Beau, The Bachelor ::

:: Oh my goodness...the past few weeks have been quite the wild ride with this Bachelor & all his girls! ::

:: I still have (at least until tonight) my eye on Tenley, Ali & Elizabeth --- However all that changed tonight! More on that in a moment ::

:: We obviously all saw the gong show that was last weeks news...Rozlyn being asked by Chris to leave due to her having inappropriate relations with a "staffer". We don't know what this means, but obviously since she didn't fight Chris on the allegations, something improper happened! I felt bad for Jake and for Rozlyn (kinda!), it was a horrible train wreck! ::
:: So this week, I have to admit that I missed the first 3/4 of the show as I was out at a meeting and then dealing with my babes when I got home ::

:: At any rate, there was plenty of action that I did catch! ::
:: There was the amazing date that Jake took Ella on, in the helicopter, to the aquarium and then his surprise...which wasn't such a surprise, her son joining them - it was lovely, but so predictable :::: Then there was all of the issues surrounding Vienna, I didn't really like my first impression of her and it still stands - she doesn't seem true to me, but Jake gave her a rose (that's part of the show I missed) -- I don't think she'll last through next week ::

:: Oh, and sweet Tenley, sharing her heart with Jake, just lovely. Then she had to go and loose points by calling Vienna out after Vienna apologized to the girls..not cool Tenley. But you still gots my vote ::

:: OOpps, apparently it wasn't Tenley that called Vienna out it was Ali...sweet sweet Ali! ::

:: Ali, sweet, sincere, lovely, Ali - not only do I love your name, but I love that you are true to yourself, much more than any of the other girls in that house. Now hopefully he likes you as much as I do! ::
:: Elizabeth, I think you're beautiful, but obviously a little slow. What was all this come here, come here, go away, go away stuff with Jake? Don't play games, you're too beautiful to play around with guys, if you need power over others, become a teacher...don't do it to your man. It's no good for your ring finger, it stay empty forever! Ps. if you don't want to kiss, talking with such vulgar language on a stage in a comedy club will definitely confirm that wish - best of luck to you - bye bye ::
:: Now about, Melissa or was it Michelle??? I don't even remember her name now...and I don't have a picture of her, but oy, she was a crazy!!! She needed Jake to kiss her, he gave her a peck and she was all over him - yuk. She wanted it so bad. He wanted nothing to do with her. She told him that if he didn't want her there, that she would leave. She left. Good-bye ::

:: Here's to next weeks drama...I love it when it get's to the mid point in this show, it always starts getting really juicy once the first 12 are gone and the real battle starts! ::

:: Now we'll return to regular broadcasting, er, I mean posting ;) ::


Nadine said...

I'm so happy to see Michelle gone, she was a sad case and definately more in love with getting married then wanting to be with Jake. I'm glad he told her to hit the pavement.

I was not impressed with Elizabeth after the last show and last night confirmed my feelings. I'm happy to see her go. The men that were watching the show with me were happy that she was gone too, with her being such a tease and all. Did you notice that she was still giving him "the eyes" even as she was saying goodbye?!

I'm still rooting for Ali, Tenley and now I'm liking Ashleigh and Corrie. I also liked Ella and Jake together but I'm concerned that she is too much woman for him.

Loving the updates! You really keep us all joined together in one big happy family to re-hash the show. Thanks!

Shawna said...

Ha Ha Ha -- That's what Mr. L said too, at Elizabeth's "look" - he said, she's bad news! Ha!

Laura said...

Great post! Isn't it just so drama-filled? :)
I'm so happy Michelle is gone... I agree with Elizabeth that the girl wanted a husband but really needs a therapist! I was proud of Jake for stepping up and telling her to go.
Elizabeth was a tease and I can't believe she couldn't see that! Yes, she's very beautiful which again, makes me proud of Jake for sending her home. I think the poor guy is having a tough time already, without adding more drama!
I like Ella and her maturity... but perhaps she's too mature for Jake? hmmm.
The part you missed was Jake and Vienna's one-on-one date. They actually hit it off quite well... but then he hears from the other girls in the house very conflicting things about her and now doesn't quite know how to feel. I don't think she'll last much longer either.
I'm still liking Tenley - they need a one-on-one date! Ali is sure confident and more confrontational that she first seemed! I think they have a real thing between them... I think she'll be around for a long while.
Did you see the preview where one girl (you can tell who it is but I don't want to spoil it!) tells Jake that she's pregnant?!?! Oh, the drama!!

jamiedelaine said...

MICHELLE IS HILARIOUS. AHHAAHAH. I freaking loved her. So entertaining. My picks are Ali (LOVE HER) and Tenley. THOUGHT I liked Elizabeth originally with the whole "don't kiss me thing" but she is SO annoying. she needs to go. bye bye.

I want Ali to win. :)

jamiedelaine said...

AND. p.s. shawna, i should probably come over some monday night and watch this with you and paul. that would be entertaining. let's do it.

susan said...

I have to say that the drama of this show has me hooked - when in need of mindless TV watching this is the show to watch, because lets be honest, it is mind rot!

Michelle was a nutbar - like creepy/stalker type.

Elizabeth - she said she doesn't need the show to get a date, good thing because you're not on the show any more honey, buh bye! Being a tease obviously doesn't work!!

I think Ali & Jake seem well suited.

And what's this about someone saying she's pregnant?? SEE! That's what keeps me hooked! First it's the inappropriateness with a "staffer" (ooo...if Chris used that word one more time I was going to go crazy! Not Michelle crazy though, my own version!)
THEN is was Jake asking "someone" (Michelle) to leave...now a pregnancy!!

Oh the DRAMA!! Poor Jake, bet he wasn't anticipating so much drama.

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