:: Understandable ::

:: I'm trying to get things done today, things that have been on the "to-do" list for weeks now...it is the 19th of January for crying out loud... ::

:: But my kids are not napping today, last night they didn't go to bed until 10ish, this is all from being out WAY too late on Saturday night, we're now paying for it. Long naps in the afternoon, then no sleep @ 7:00 like normal - I don't really care about them, but I (& Mr. L) need them to be sleeping for 7 pm. So it's easy to understand that I may not get all the things completed off my "to-do" list and that includes blogging ::

:: Because I will be busy cuddling the little gaffer who just fell off my desk because he was dancing a little too crazy to I Gotta Feeling, by the Black Eyed Peas - due to lack of his daily nap. Hopefully all returns to normal tomorrow, but probably it won't. Ha ha ha, at least y'all understand! ::


Nadine said...

Ouch, poor little fella! I get silly dancing to that song also. heehee . . . *note to self, no dancing on desks! HA!

Life gets carried away sometimes but it's important to remain focused on what's #1 and that's always family. Looking forward to your blogging, whenever that may be.

Crystal said...

Ok, we were just having a dance party to that song over here too! Addy doesn't quite get it yet, but she thinks were funny when we dance like morons!

Laura said...

Completely understandable! Sounds like interesting times in the L household :) Just know that we're here and love hearing from you whenever you get the chance.
Hope to see you tomorrow night at WW!

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