:: Why? ::

:: Okay, so this is a random {very random} post about a discussion Paul and I have had over the past year or so... ::

:: This conversation consists of him not understanding why us as women {okay, maybe not all of us, but most of us} can talk about dating/relationships, weddings , homes & babies even after we've done all of these things. He thinks that since we've dated, wed, bought a house & now have kids...why on earth I want to re-live, watch someone doing these things on t.v. or converse about it with a girlfriend! I tried to explain to him in this way; if you owned your dream car {Porsche 911} would you still want to look at other cars, talk about them, hear new info about them, sit in them, try it on for size, watch about them on t.v.? He said it wasn't the same ::

:: I lost the discussion - because I didn't want to fight the issue ::

:: However, for me as a girl {but not an overly girlie-girl}, I love to hear, watch & talk about all these things that we look forward to as women --- is this just me and Mr. L or do y'all have the same stupid conversations in your house?

:: Can't wait to hear what y'all have to say! ::

:: XO, *Shawna ::


Nadine said...

You are not alone. Richard and I have discussions like this all the time. We have had a different one lately. I like to watch Sex and the City re-runs, because sometimes it's the only thing on TV and we don't have TLC or HGTV (which I love and would like to get back soon). Anyways, he asks me, "Why do you watch a show that is so far from the person you are?" . . . me . . because I like the fashion and the stupid mindless conversation. I told him, if I had TLC or HGTV I wouldn't watch anything else. HA!

I think we just enjoy seeing those moments and reflecting on our special times. Not that we would want to do it again or differently but just in case we wanted to renew our vows or something like that. I think men and women have a difficult time in this area. But one would ask, Why do guys like to watch sports 24/7?

Its a fun journey, dating, getting married, having children (have yet to experience this one), etc.

Laura said...

You've been talking about this for a year? Too funny! :)
I think it's more that those are topics that women are interested in, they speak to the very heart/nature of who we are, who we are created to be. So it's not so much about "Been there, done that" and now I'm moving on... but it's about talking about things that move us. Us women are all about relationships and emotions too, and these topics help build relationships with one another and stir up emotions and memories.

Meg Baxter said...

Funny you should post about this, Shawna, cuz I've always wondered how you got away with being so involved in the shows without taking flack from your hubby. If Wayne even KNEW I'd watched not one but TWO episodes of this season's , he'd probably flip out. It's the same when he sees me watching (which I have to watch on the sly!). His reasoning is that not only are they way "below my level of intelligence" (as they are for most of us women!), but they portray images and expectations of women that just aren't realistic, which can be damaging to gals with low self-esteem or even just poor body images. (The fact that I recently gave birth definitely puts me in that category!) That said, the reason I DO like watching is not only is it entertaining from an eye-rolling perspective (cuz we all know it's such a farce), but I find that I do automatically try to figure out the girls' motivations and emotional temperatures, etc...all the things girls yak about. It's almost like gossiping without the guilt because we don't know the contestants and they are PUTTING themselves on the show to BE talked about (e.g. Rozlyn).

That was a long-winded response but whatevs. Either way, I can't wait for our tv to be delivered on Friday so I can catch up - HA!!!

Laura said...

Thought I'd add this...
This morning in devo's at work one of the guys (in his 40's) said that he was at a family dinner the other night. At the table he was sitting beside his wife, and his BIL was on the other side of her. Well, they started talking about cars, and the conversation lasted about a half hour - with his poor wife just sitting there, literally in the middle! She finally said, "I can't believe you guys have talked about nothing but CARS for a half an hour!" The guys hadn't even realized it... ;)

Laura said...
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Crystal said...

The usual arguement in our house is Dave "how can you watcht that crap, those girls are so slutty", Crystal "How can you watch people being blown up all the time"...its such a double standard that they can watch such violence..but yet we watch brainless stuff and we get mocked!:)hehe Oh how God created us..so different, sometimes I wonder?? But that is why we have girlfriends I guess, so at least we don't make them watch it with us!

Anne Marie said...

we don't talk about it.....but I do with my girlies!

Meg Baxter said...

Follow-up: Thought you'd like to know that Wayne watched The Bachelor WITH me last night - ha!!! I sucked him in real good.

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