:: Christmas 2008 House Tour ~ My Home ::

:: Okay, so I promised to post, but you know how it is, life gets in the way of posting...at any rate, better late than never! ::

:: Welcome to my home ::

:: Our entry way {looking from our living room into the hall towards our family room} ::

:: My Mom gave me the lovely silver trees that are on my front table, I think they look fabulous, and I put up my new {my b-day present from my bro & sil two years ago, but had yet to make it to a wall} candle sconces on the wall heading into the family room ::

:: The reflection from the mirror in the front hall into the living room ::

:: Our living room from the front hall ::

:: Our living room from the corner of the dining room ::
:: The view from my couch, I really liked the placement of the tree in the center of the room but it was a pain to get my furniture to fit, and apparently moving it was no option to Paul! But it all ended up okay and I loved sitting on my couch and seeing the whole room, it will be this way again next year ::

:: My dining room {without a table cloth, it was still dirty from the night before}, notice anything different? Yup, I got myself a plate wall, it was for my birthday from my parents, nice eh? They are antique plates {most of them} from Lynden WA ::
:: Here's a shot of the plate wall looking into the family room ::
:: Here is the inside of my china cabinet, I needed to protect our nativity, but Jacob got in anyway and broke poor Jesus' arm! ::

:: A few details from around the house ::

:: Our family room, yes, we had two trees....lovely I think so! We got the real one {family room one} for free, but it was soooo lovely while it lasted. As of boxing day it was taken outside to the back deck, it's all lit up out there but just not dropping needles on my carpet anymore! ::

:: Details from the family room/kitchen, I got my apothicary jars on sale from Big Lots in Bellingham {I had my eye on them since August and finally splurged and bought them for myself, a whole $20} ::

:: Thank you for walking through my home with me...coming up next, all of my fav's from your homes! ::

xo, Shawna


Treena said...

Beautiful, Christmasie, home Shawna! How lovely! :)

Christy said...

Your house looks great Shawna! And thanks for hosting the Open House, it was a great idea and I really enjoyed taking a peek at how other people decorate. Can't wait to see you again Saturday...XOXO

Nadine said...

I love how you made it look like we were entering the front door! Your home looks beautiful!! Thanks for posting.

Amanda said...

Your decorating is really nice Shawna! So cozy and inviting for the holidays! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!

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