:: Happy New Year ::

:: The tic-tock of 2008 has almost finished -it seems like it whipped by in a rush! ::

:: We had a great 2008, lots of fun, lots of challenges too but all in all lots of love. I'm learning to be a better Wife, Mama & Friend and with that I have been challenged to write up my very first New Years Resolution list - I may share it with you but for right now it's tucked away on my heart and in my head ::

:: We are ringing in the new year quiet style. We could go out but we are so tired from all of buzzing of Christmas still that we just want to have a quiet time in without interruption. We are putting our family first this upcoming year and we are ringing it in with that expectation ::

:: Happy New Year All, I pray each day of 2009 is not wasted but lived to the fullest, every moment filled with expectation and God's goodness ::

:: Love to you all and welcome 2009! ::


The Samy's said...

Happy New Years to you and your precious family!

FunkyMomma said...

Happy New Year Shawna!!

Nadine said...

Enjoy your quiet night in! We are probably doing the same.

Happy New Year!!

Cathy said...

Have a wonderful happy new year Shawna and Co.!

Shawna Blog fan said...

Compliments of the Season to you and your family Shawna. I pray you have a lovely New Year.

Amanda said...

Happy New Year P,S,J&C! Hope you enjoyed your quiet night in as a family! Sometimes it is nice to just savour your family time amongst the hustle and bustle of the season. Much love.

splendid said...

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