:: Christmas 2008 House Tour ~ Your Home ::

:: Here are some of my favorite spots from inside your homes ::

:: Amanda's beautiful black front door ::

:: Christy's super cute Christmas day counter ::

:: Carrie's fancy symmetrical mantel - just lovely! ::

:: Charlene's "holy moly now that's a tree!" ::

:: Nadine's lovely tree and fireplace...I love love love the grand feeling of the fireplace! ::

:: My Mom's vintage collection, my favorite one is the one that is always on top of the TV {top left corner} ::

:: Stephs mod feeling decor, simply stated and just beautiful! ::

:: Nickie's candles candles candles...Nick, did you end up lighting them ;) ::

:: Mantel a la Sarah, love the garland, my heart adores shabby chic! ::

:: Thank you to all who joined in my house tour - Y'all have B E A U T I F U L homes! ::

1 comment:

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