:: I'm busy ::

:: Wrapping up all things Christmas in our home ::

:: And turning this Christmas mantel back into...

All things Sarah Richardson... ::

:: My home is my office, as well as a soft place for my family to land...apparently my husband seems to think that twinkle lights should be up deep into January. But I need it clean. I want to jump into 2009 with a clear concise direction that our family is to go and the lingering touches from Christmas just make everything stay foggy to me, like I'm in a bubble. I'm happy to move on into 2009 with all that it brings less the clutter {both in my physical & mental world} ::

::: Here's to a fresh new year ~ doesn't it feel good!?!? ::


Lisa B. said...

I so agreee....I was almost temped to leave my table at the front entry totally empty just to enjoy the clean feeling for a while.

sticker said...

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