:: Wouldn't it have been nice ::

:: to be in PARIS tonight, it's already 2009 there...I'm sure they are drinking fancy-schmancy champagne and enjoying the sights of Paris, as for me, I'm here....roast in oven, yoga pants on, re-organizing my kitchen cupboards...I know what you're thinking "man, she's got it made!" ::

:: Okay, this is my last post for 2008, well maybe yes, maybe no...maybe I'll post one about Christmas and such. So if you're a fancy yoga-wearing-non-party-going person like me and you're at home tonight with the loves of your life tune in later, you might be surprised to find a new post! ::


Christy said...

Ahh....only in my dreams!

FunkyMomma said...

I love yoga-pant New Years!! They are the best kind.

jamiedelaine said...

Well, I'm just heading out to have Chinese food with your parents, but after that, I'm not sure where I'm gonna be. ;) I would LOVE to be in Paris. I have to add that my dream/life list that I planned to get accomplished! New Years Eve in Par-ee!! LOVE IT! :)

Happy 2009 Shawna. :)

Amanda said...

Yes, that would be nice. Don't think that will ever be on my agenda though..... But we can dream right? Beautiful picture.

Laura said...

I was wearing yoga pants too, hanging with the ones I love :) Best way to start a new year!
Happy New Years to you and your loves :)

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