:: As I was in the archives...::

:: I came across this photo of me circa 1982 ~ I was 2 years old ::

:: I don't know, do you think I'm his Mama??? ::


Lisa B. said...

I love all these old pics......were you organizing or something & you were inspired to post?!?!

Regardless....it's so fun! When I saw the pic of you my first thought was, "it's Cole in a blue dress!"

Beautiful mama makes beautiful boys.


jamiedelaine said...

Woah!! Crazyness. :)

Lovella said...

oh yah. . . very sweet . both of you!!

Peginer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peginer said...

Gotta love genetics!
:) Jenn VH

Laura said...

You're both so adorable!

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