:: Back in the Day ::

:: I was reading Lovella's blog earlier and was reminded that I meant to blog about my graduation ::

:: It has been 10 years since I graduated high school. I have never looked back (at least I thought I hadn't) ::

:: I graduated when I was 17 -- I was not the best student...I wasn't stupid, but I didn't have a very good memory so I really had to work at remembering all of the information that I thought was useless. I swore I would never go to school again ::

:: Here I am pictured with my parents outside my graduation ceremony at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Vancouver - It was a grand affair. If you have never been to the Orpheum Theatre you are missing out, it is amazing (see the picture of the stage below)::

:: From there I worked for Jim Pattison Toyota Surrey as their full time receptionist. I loved it, it felt like freedom. Then I moved in with a fabulous family to nanny for their family of four. I LOVED that too...but time passed and I was "called"
(ha, I use that term very loosely, but I do feel that I was called) to leave for Discipleship Training @ YWAM in Paia Maui. Ha, sounds dreamy doesn't it!?!? Yeah, then God pulled a quick one on me and I was sent off to the war torn countries of Albania & Kosovo (that is a whole different story) ::

:: Upon my return from Maui, Albania, Kosovo and 4 other countries I was home...a few months later I met my future husband. Then as they say, the rest is history....except there is a twist ::

:: I got married, I enjoyed my life...however Paul worked nights every once in a while and I was bored being home alone ::

:: So, I went back to school...Night School that is. You know it's SO different to high school!?!? ::

:: Yeah, tell me about it. I would have never called it, however I did really well in my post-secondary education. It wasn't like high school at all, at least not for me. I went to "school" full time/part time. Every Monday/Wed and Sat for two years ::

:: It was a lot to take on being married, working full time and now school but it was SO worth it ::

:: I ended up with my diploma as a Special Education Assistant ::

:: Here I am in my graduation portrait from high school
(like you couldn't figure that out!). Apparently I was much more into make-up back then...oh, I just remembered the funniest story to go along with my grad photo shoot...one day when I'm bored I will remember to tell y'all about it (let's just say I was a little directionally challenged back in the day) ::
:: Below is my grad portrait from college. I was 5 months pregnant with Jacob. I had already started working at Pacific Academy by the time I graduated. I think I remember I was really quite over the whole graduation process once I walked across the stage. I remember it wasn't really a big deal. I just graduated and went on with life. And apparently I don't use much make-up at all..ha funny how life and age (ugh, did I just say that!?!?) changes you! ::

:: Anyway, I never did look back -- I actually only stay in very brief contact with one of my friends from high school. The only thing that has really changed is the fact that I now have a vault for remembering things. I worked so hard on trying to remember things that I notice and remember almost everything. Just ask Paul...he hates my good memory! ::

:: Thanks for walking down "memory lane" with me, it was fun to remember "back in the day" ::
:: I looked back in my archive boxes for pictures of my grad dress and I could not find a single one...however I did find my agendas from each year of high school as well as all 5 of my "go cards". It was hilarious to look back and also so funny for Paul to see that I have not changed...my agenda goes everywhere with me and I still write the same lists as I did "back in the day" and I still keep them year after year...the only year I don't have an agenda for is the one year I was away with YWAM ::


Cathy said...

Awesome! You have done a lot in your life! Something to be so proud of.

I have all of my go-cards too. But, not my agendas. But, I know I am still a mega list maker today.

It sure is fun looking back, but being happy where you are at today!

Lisa B. said...

What a great look back at all that has happened in the last ten years! (especially the make-up)

Now where will you be (what do you think life will look like) in ten years from now?

jamiedelaine said...

Ah fun photos! I have to say, the red lipstick in your high school grad is a little scary, but you look gorgeous anyway! And I LOVE the grad photo when you said you were pregnant with Jacob. Totally have the 'glow' going on. :)

Christy said...

Very nostaglic sis! Love it.....reminiscing is so great I think!

Lovella said...

Shawna. . I loved reading this post and hearing where you have been and what you've done since the graduation day .. .

Laura Neufeld said...

Oh dear, I know the story of being "directionally challenged"... are you really going to post that? lol
I think you look great in both photos! Very appropriate for the times

Keri's Collage... said...

Graduation at the Orpheum? WOW! That must have been something!

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