:: Coconut Dreams ::

:: These cupcakes are made with a traditional pound cake recipe, but with the addition of coconut cream icing & toasted coconut. I think they were pretty good. The icing isn't quite perfected, but they were tasty & I love the affect of the toasted coconut on top ::

:: They look quite homey to me ::

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:: Well I'm off to clean floors, organize bills, finish the laundry that has been sitting around since Tuesday and organize Father's Day items. It'll be a busy day! ::

:: Here's to hoping Summer decides to show up...anytime now we're ready for you...come out from hiding, we won't bite! ::


Cathy said...

Mmmm...those look so good. I bet they taste even better! I LOVE coconut!

Anonymous said...

i heart coconut too! i love the flavour combinations your coming up with.

Canadian Kristin said...

Your cupcakes are INSANE!!!!!!! So pretty and yummy and lovely looking!!! What are you using for paper cups?

Lisa B. said...

Yum.....I'm glad I was hangin' around and got to test them....they are delicious!

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