:: A handle on life ::

Sorry for the terribly long absence from here...life has been busy. Between two kids and a third when my cousins little guy is here. Plus my FIRST SPA ESCAPE on Thursday night, mixed in with a 50th Wedding Anniversary, a "James Bond" Party, Church, Cupcakes (which apparently are taking over my life) and then friends, gosh...when does one get time to blog!!!

Where has the importance of life gone?!?!?!

Ha Ha...in all seriousness, I am going to post......lots...okay, well I can't promise "lots" but I will post what I can while the babes sleep.

Be back in a flash!


Cathy said...

Life is like that isn't it! Sounds busy in a great sort of way! That is good!

Talk to you soon!

Charlene Witt said...
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