:: Jacob's 2 ::

:: I can't believe my "baby" is 2 - But doesn't everyone say that!?!?! ::

:: Jacob, you are a true joy - even though you are a boy of few words, we know how much you love us by not letting us hug or kiss without you being in on the action...it's quite the site to see him get frustrated when we are kissin' and he just wants to get right between us. You have captured our hearts and we are blessed to enjoy each day with you. ::

:: We celebrated Jacob's birthday in true teddy-bear fashion. We had a teddy-bear picnic however the weather did not want to cooperate. We ended up moving the party inside due to it being so stinkin' cold out...oh well, it was a wonderful day even if it was inside ::

:: Here are some shots from our teddy-fabulous day ::
:: Emma enjoying the trike ::
:: Grampy & Cole watching the kids ::
:: Jacob enjoying his new truck & ride-in car ::
:: Mattias & Madelyne setting up their picnic ::
:: Jacob just after he got his car from Grammy & Grampy ::
:: Gee, I wonder if he likes it!?!? ::
:: Our family just after we sang Happy Birthday ::
:: The boys blowing out the candles ::
:: Enjoying his very own piece of cake ::
:: The birthday boy and his Grammy & Auntie ::
:: The backyard full of fun ::
:: Paul BBQing up the picnic meal of hot dogs and hamburgers ::
:: Jacob loving his birthday balloon from Tante Lisa & Uncle Reuben ::
:: Jacob opening the gifts, yikes he was so blessed..trucks, cars, trucks, cars....such fun being a boy! ::
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:: Thank you to all who came to share in the day with Jacob and us...to all who couldn't make it (you know who you are...you were SO missed). We love you all! XOXO Paul, Shawna & Co.::


Cathy said...

Wow! Two! Have a got a girlfriend for you...Caroline! She likes younger men LOL!

Looks like it was a beautiful, fun birthday! Lovely touches Shawna! Just lovely!

Lisa B. said...

Well Cathy, I'm sorry to tell you but Jacob was spoken for before he was born.....the love of his life will be four years old next month and she won't give him up without a fight! In fact, I'm sure I have a pic of Madelyne holding Jacob only hours after he was born.

Hard to believe two years have passed us by already.....two fun filled years....can't wait to see what this year will bring for Jacob-Bean!

Canadian Kristin said...


Laura Neufeld said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Shawna, your little man looks SO handsome! Beautiful party, all the extra things you do really shine - what a good Mama you are!

Lisa Moody said...

Shawna, I want to be just like you when I grow up! I love birthday parties, and I love doing all the fun things to make them special. I just don't ahve the time anymore to do it up like I used to. My kids appreciate it too.
Happy Birthday Jacob. Maybe one day Eli will be at your party and you at his!

Charlene Witt said...

LOVE the cake..that is my next thing to learn...fondant! I assume you made it....?

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