:: Lemon Dreams ::

:: I made these cupcakes on Sunday - trying out a new cake recipe...they were okay, but not fabulous. So the search continues for a fabulous "white" cake recipe aka "vanilla cake" ::

:: However I think the icing was delish. I'm sure our guests would agree! ::

:: Edited to say: to make these cupcakes that much more special, I also drowned them in Liquid Lemon Icing...so they were tart and sweet at the same time ::

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:: Pictures taken the next morning before my little man got his paws on the dish of goodies ::


Cathy said...

They look delightful! So appealing!! mmmmmmm.

Rachel said...


Laura said...

Wow, thinking of opening a cupcake business? I've got a great white cake recipe that has been a family favorite forever - we actually only use it for cupcakes - let me know if you want to try it out, and where do you get those nifty wrappers? I like those.

Lisa B. said...

Lemon - my all time fave. I'm drooling!

Lovella said...

oh your cupcakes look so appealing. .I love the paper holders that you use. . they just look classier. . Oh and yes, I'm always hoping the next white cake from scratch is THE one. .when you find it let me know. .

Shawna said...

Hi Ladies -- as for the wrappers they are called "nut cups" in the states but up here we call them Solo Cups. I'm blessed to be the daughter of one who brings in scads of them for Cranberry Creek, so I get them for free...cute eh? I thought so, it's just nice to have a change up from the norm.

And yes, I'm starting to think of a company and all that goes into it.

Laura, if you don't mind passing on the recipe you have I would love to try it!

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